The Snows of White Ridge continues an epic, as blessings, changes, and trials alike come to the newly-named White Ridge Pack, and their allies, the Swift River Clan.
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 ~Needs a title ain't got one yet.~

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PostSubject: ~Needs a title ain't got one yet.~   Mon Jul 09, 2012 11:47 am

The Big Grizzly walked on. He knew of where he was going, following the herd of Elk that travelled through the lands. He had heard of stories of the land of the abundant from a fox. He had decided from the time that he was a cub, that he was going to come to the land of abundance. There were just too many bears on his birthland, and he wanted a place of his own. So he followed the herd.

On the way, a few times Trick tried to change the Grizzly's mind, but Kuruk would not listen.

"You can have this this land," Trick had told him. "There's no one here to bother you."

"The Herd came through this way, and I'll follow them to the land of which you told of," Kuruk told the fox.

"You have a bad bone," Trick said. "If you continue this trek, bear, then you are inviting darkness."

"Bah!" Kuruk roared, trying to swat at the fox. Trick dodged the pig paw, and disappeared. And the Grizzly continued on.
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~Needs a title ain't got one yet.~
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