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 The Legend of Zelda: the Secret of the Sages (ZEROKI PLEEEZE)

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PostSubject: Re: The Legend of Zelda: the Secret of the Sages (ZEROKI PLEEEZE)   Sun Jan 18, 2015 6:47 pm

Link let Saria and Nyx speak for the moment. He was focused on Jack. The boy was brave, but he was still young... too young to be on his own. He hummed softly and with a whistle called Dante over. "Remember what I promised I'd do, Jack?" he smiled, "I think before we continue on our journey, Nyx and I should pay one last journey to Troy and his family. I'm sure when they hear how you helped us, they'll take you in and..."

He paused as he looked down at Dante, reaching out to pet the dog between the ears. "Dante... I want you to stay with them... I want you to take care of that family. Can you do that for me, boy?" He wasn't sure if the dog understood, but Link wanted to try nevertheless. This road was getting more and more dangerous, and he didn't want to see anything happen to such a loyal dog, but Dante was also the type who needed someone to care for. Troy, Ethan, Jack, and the rest would make sure he had that need fulfilled... and any other a dog could possibly have.

Saria closed her eyes until the last of her energies faded, flowed into the arrow. It wasn't simply a light arrow anymore. With the swirling patterns of green, blue, and gold, it was far, far more. The sage simply shook her head. "A seed rests beneath the earth because to expose it to sunlight too soon would result in its destruction, Nyx," she said softly, "It isn't for me to tell you what your destiny has in store. You are learning lessons on this journey, and when the time comes, like a young sapling, you will breach the darkness and step into the light of understanding. Until then... simply follow your heart, and do what you know is right."

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The Legend of Zelda: the Secret of the Sages (ZEROKI PLEEEZE)
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