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 Pyrite the Goofball

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PostSubject: Pyrite the Goofball   Thu Mar 15, 2012 11:34 pm

Name: Pyrite

Age: 2 years

Sex: Male

Position: Clan Member, Hunter (rarely)

Height: 30 in. (2 feet 6 inches)
Length: 78 in. (6 feet 6 inches)

Weight: 125 lbs

Description or picture:

Fur is considered to be more of a rusty reddish rather than tan or even slate. This allows him to blend in well with wide grasslands and soil, but not with rocks. Eyes are a grey-blue color.

As per the title of this particular profile thread, Pyrite is a goofball. He always seems a cub at heart, being curious, asking questions, always willing to play and engage other in playing. Pyrite has the kind of energy that if you could bottle, you'd be rich.

However, despite his playfulness and being a goofball; Pyrite does what Seraph asks of him, usually with very few questions asked. He is both a Clan Member and sometimes; a Hunter. Although he is a cougar, Pyrite is a gentle soul; he doesn't like taking another creature's life. Which is why when he hunts, he always mutters under his breath "I'm Sorry." or "Thank You." before he kills his meal.

Perhaps he will grow out of this, perhaps not. He is still young; and things change with time.

Pyrite was born to his single mother, who was the healer of a separate clan in what would today be Arizona. Many members of their clan had the same rusty-reddish pelt that he does, helping them blend with their surroundings. However, the clan disbanded when their leader died and had no children to take the position. So Pyrite's mother took them to what was believed to be greener pastures and better hunting in what today would be Colorado.

Pyrite had only one sibling, his brother Thorn. The three cougars stayed together until the day that their mother was killed over a hunt that had gone well for the cougars, but attracted a large wolfpack.

It took 14 wolves to kill their mother.

Pyrite couldn't watch. Thorn was devastated. The two brothers traveled together for short period of time but were forced to leave each other as disputes arose. Thorn wanted revenge. Pyrite refused, saying that they'd be killed too, against that many wolves.

The young cougar was a rather skinny thing when he met Seraph, who to his surprise accepted him as a member of her Clan. Though as to why, Pyrite isn't quite sure why though.
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Pyrite the Goofball
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