The Snows of White Ridge continues an epic, as blessings, changes, and trials alike come to the newly-named White Ridge Pack, and their allies, the Swift River Clan.
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 Meo's dead/MIA characters

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PostSubject: Meo's dead/MIA characters   Thu Jan 12, 2012 1:28 am

DESCRIPTION: Brighid is a silent, thoughtful puppy. She acts more mature than her real age and think the puppish antics of her fellow pups are immature. She'd rather sit and watch a sunset, or observe a hunting spider. (Top)
HISTORY: Mother: Sun Eye; Father: Phantom

Name: Cold River
Gender: Male
Age: 5 1/2 years old
Pack: Tall Pines Pack
Rank: Beta Male
Personality: Kind towards mate and pups, but strict with other wolves. Very stern. He's extremely loyal to his pack and pack allies, unless those allies do something against the treaty. He won't be afraid to fight to kill, even if his own life is on the line, but only if the reason is honorable. His ultimate weakness is his family, nothing other than that could make him fall.
Appearence: Dark grey body with a black back, tail, and face markings, light grey legs, reddish eyes.
History: Cold River was born into Tall pines and grew up as a fairly happy, though only, pup. He was known for sticking up for the smaller guy, usually being the one to chase bullies from their victims. Once he came of age he was ranked a scout and soon fell in love with the female Beta and became her mate, thus ranking up to Beta himself. He has never been incapable of his job.
He has three pups; Small Leaf, White Cloud, and Blue Eye.

Name: SnowTooth (pup name was Blue Eye)
Gender: Male
Rank: Healer
Age: 2 years
Personality: Mama's boy, shy, panics easily but is learning to control it, family oriented like his father
Appearance: Dark grey body with cream legs, tail, and most of face. One blue eye, one reddish eye.
History: His parents are Cold River and Bright Feather, and his siblings are Small Leaf and White Cloud. He was born shortly after the Alphas left to find their own lost son. At a young age he decided he wanted to be a Healer, and once he came of age he went through the typical ritual to become such. He passed the test, though having panicked through it, and after the TBMS and TSRC war came to a close and the packs had to evacuate, the job of tending to the Tall Pines wolves' injuries and burns landed with full brunt upon his shoulders. Though he struggled with the lack of medicinal herbs along the way, he somehow managed to pull most through.
SnowTooth fell in love with a loner shewolf and left to be with her.

CHARACTER AGE: 5 (35 human years)
Personality: Coyote, named for the fact that his coat markings resemble that of a coyote's, rarely smiles. The only emotion he'll convey strongly is anger, other than that he'll show only hints of emotion. Despite that, it's very easy to read his eyes...they immediantly give away what he's feeling, as well as the tension of air around him (y' the feeling you get when you think someone's angry or sad or something) easily gives away what he's feeling more than it usually would with other wolves. Maybe it's a tiny bit of Spiritual power. Maybe he was touched by a spirit while in his mother's womb, who knows. But you don't need to look at his face to know what he's feeling (to summarize the long sentence I typed above -.- . Because of his stoic demeanor, a lot of wolves also think he's got a cold heart..that he actually holds no emotion unless they pay attention to his acts but that's obviously not true. Coyote will eagerly hold a friendly conversation or watch the pups for a bit. His body is truly fit for the rank of a soldier, having trained since he was old enough to do so his muscles are toned rock solid but do not bulge in an unsightly way and his pelt has a healthy shine. The only thing to marr his good looks is the one constantly droopy eyelid on his left side, making that eye look sleepy.

DESCRIPTION (Physical and personality): Nightshade isn't the nicest character you'll come across. She seems to dislike everyone and anything (but not in an emo way Oo; ). She doesn't like her Alphas, but doesn't dislike or disrespect them either. The company of others just seems to annoy her and make her angry and she's liable to snap at another wolf just for looking at her funny. NightShade's patchy coat colors are a monotone mix of medium and dark greys. Picture...eventually.
HISTORY (If any): Nightshade was accepted in The Light Valley Pack two years ago as a wanderer. Though she disliked the company of other wolves, she knew a wolf couldn't survive (or if it could, survive well) without a pack. Due to her attitude, she almost didn't make it, but finally ended up biting her tounge and submitting. Due to that she started out an Omega, but wound up working her way into a Soldier position.

CHARACTER AGE: 5 (35 in human years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Swift River Clan
DESCRIPTION: Personality - Your average temperament...except for the skittish tendency. Anything unsafe or of the likes makes her fearful. She also tends to have her head in the clouds more often than not, living true to her name, her thoughts drift on the breeze like the white fluff of seeding dandelions.
Picture - Edit: I'm removing the hair tuft, though. Thank you Coal Chaser, for creating her for me ^_^ I finally found a place for her!
HISTORY: Dandelion was born and grew up in a meadow-living pack much like The Swift River Clan's territory. All her life she had held the position of Omega, even in the pup-ranks. In that pack she had been abused. Not simply ordered around to do the work others didn't want to like most other packs, but outright abused. Oh, they never drew blood or gave her visible scars, but she was often hit and bruised. Taunted and teased. Slapped and degraded. It was this abuse that gave her the fearful, skittish nature she has now and drove her to one night leave the pack. She feared that she would be chased and caughted, forced to come back, but it never happened. For a long time she kept looking over her shoulder, and it took a long time for her to realize that she was free from them and even longer to try to join another pack. But now she is a part of The Swift River Clan, and hopefully part of a better life.

CHARACTER AGE: 3 (21 in human years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack
DESCRIPTION (Physical and personality):
Personality - Shy around new wolves at first, but once she opens up she can be pretty fun to be around. She has trouble hanging around in groups, though, for she usually gets pushed into the background to just sit and listen to their conversation. When alone and often when not laughing she looks as if she's either depressed or brooding, even at times when she's not. She can be rather goofy when having fun, and as some say 'she's weird, but I like it'.
HISTORY:Little Doe grew up in a small, nomadic family pack that just consisted of her, her mother, her step-father, and her half-brother. She didn't live a terrible life, it was a decent one with the only terrifying incident being her recieving the scar on her neck from a cougar kitten she had tried to play with as a very young pup. When she hit adulthood, Little Doe bid her family farewell to find herself a real pack to be with.

Character AGE: 4 years 6 months(about 32 in human years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack
DESCRIPTION (Physical and personality): Picture:" border="0" alt="" /> he is albino...and oh-so smexy ;3.
Personality - Silent Paw is a straight faced, mute wolf. His manner is pretty monotone, only rarely offering a slight tail wag to show appreciation or as a shy hello or something of the sort. Since he became guardian of the pup he had saved, Willow, he has learned what it felt like to laugh and play again. Only with her and his newly acquired mate, Streak, will he break free from his intensely stoic demeanor. He considers Willow something of a daughter.
HISTORY (If any): Silent Paw's past is unknown. All that's known about him is that he came in with the group that Sage Ghost and White Ash brought in tow with them after their quest to find Blesser, the avid Spirit Guide that lived deep and high in The Black Mountains.

CHARACTER NAME: Chaser of the Moon
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack
DESCRIPTION (Physical and personality):
Personality - Golden Ray is extremely curious, but not in the way of asking,"Why?" to everyone. She's very independent, wanting to find out things on her own. If she has a question, she'll strive to find an answer herself before asking someone else. She's a self-teaching wolf, and will make some wonderful discoveries in her time. She just may, perhaps, die a legend.
HISTORY (if any): Chaser of the Moon grew up with stern teachings from her parents, thus having good discipline and fairly good judgement of others. She's befriended the pack Messanger, Yanya the bear, and to this day the two are best of friends. Mother: Sage Ghost. Father: Deepening Shadows.
CotM left to follow other wolves of the pack who were out to start a pack of their own.

CHARACTER RANK: Hunter, future rank Female Alpha.
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack
DESCRIPTION (Physical and personality):
Personality - Dust Trail was a headstrong and stubborn pup, but in a good way. She took on the Alpha role of her siblings and was a responsible pup. She's still much of what she was as an adult, but takes a great interest in what the Alphas do. Often she follows them around, taking in information about what they do in situations and what their duties are in general. Why? She doesn't really know...but perhaps the spirits do.
HISTORY (if any): Aspen grew up with her siblings and adopted sister, Yanya the bear. At a young age, though she still remembers, her brother Grey Hawk was murdered. The young Dust Trail (her pup name) had found comfort in a pup of the Alpha's, Blue Feather (now Ebon Star). Since then she's become a serious type, not really as excitable as Wind Feather, but not a hardass stoic type either. Mother: Bright Lark. Father: Pine Raven.
Aspen has disappeared, it is assumed she was sucked into the swamp.

PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack
DESCRIPTION (Physical and personality): Sage Ghost,though it isn't mentioned often, is actually a very large wolf pretty much a head and a half taller than average. Personality - Sage Ghost is seen as a tyrant by most, especially those who don't know her as well. Those who do know her know that she just has the best interest of the pack at heart. There's only one wolf who knows what this demanding Alphess used to really be, who is hidden beneath the hard layers of stone within her. For Sage Ghost, nothing comes before the welfare pack. She is a hard Alphess, always with a stone-hard look upon her face and with a usually emotionless tone of voice. If she does speak emotionally, it's with anger or irritation. She is wise beyond her years due to the hardship she's lived through and due to her good sense of asking an Elder when it's needed and even, sometimes, when it's not needed. Sage Ghost has an immense respect for Elders and absolutely will not tolerate anyone disrespecting them. In short, do not cross her. She will not hesitate to dish out the hurt.
Current: Sage Ghost is old, starting to get feeble, and has the onset of canine Alzheimer's. She often forgets faces or names and will sometimes confuse one wolf for another..whether that other wolf is still alive or not. On rare occasions, she will also go into and 'live' a memory for various amounts of time.
HISTORY (If any): Sage Ghost was born and grew up in The Black Mountain Pack. Her father was a true tyrant named Two Toes, her mother (Small Tree), after weaning Sage Ghost, left the pack because of Two Toes' unswayable ways. Sage Ghost was an only pup and was trained hard to inherit the pack. She was a fairly happy wolf in her younger days, up until the wolf she was betrothed to was killed by another wolf that Sage Ghost really loved, then he in turn was tracked down and killed by the pack on Two Toes' orders. It was the law of the pack, one that Sage Ghost still enforces, you kill a packmember, the pack kills you upon the order of the Alpha/s. After the execution of her love, Sage Ghost fell into her hard-hearted state. It is unknown to most how she recieved her blind eye and only one wolf knows Sage Ghost's true past. After she inherited the pack, it is said that she chased off her father, ordering him never to return, then pulled the pack through The Sickness, a time during the end of Two Toes' reign that a deadly disease struck the pack, killing all but a few members. After The Sickness passed and a few wolves joined the pack at a trickle, a starvation time plagued The Black Mountain Pack once more. Once again, Sage Ghost (with the help of the pack's Spiritual), pulled the pack through this time of trial.
The Pack then began to grow and blossom, until one day when the respected elder Firewind discovered the strengthening of their rival The Swift River Clan. Tensions and accusations finally led to all out war, which ended in tragedy with the death of TSRC's Alpha and Sage Ghost's mate Deepening Shadows beneath a stormy sky. As if from a sign from the Spirits, lightning struck the valley and their home was quickly engulfed in flames. The Packs, TBMP, TSRC and TBMP's ally The Tall Pines Pack banded together and began a great Journey to find a new home. They have finally settled down and though some tension remains between TBMP and TSRC peace reigns as they had come to an agreement of such.

It had been a long time coming, but Sage Ghost finally succumbed to her disease and is now in The Mountain in the Sky
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Meo's dead/MIA characters
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