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 The last Space Shuttle launch

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PostSubject: The last Space Shuttle launch   Wed Jul 06, 2011 5:47 pm

Maybe that you have already heard or read about it, that this Friday, 8 July (7-8-2011). If all goes well and that the weather cooperates, we shall have the very very last launch of a space shuttle. The target time is 11:26 a.m. EDT And the shuttle is Atlantis.

I have seen the other two last shuttle launches on Internet from NASA TV, so also their landings. Further I have also watched other shuttle launches by the website, or on the CNN channel.

I can say it has been a magnificent view for how they do it to let it lift off and solve last minute problems, which could prevent the launch. I can also imagine the frustration, for if it gets a "no go" on the last moment. By the looks at the weather for Friday at Florida, Cape Canaveral, it is 30 percent for a "go".

"We have a tropical wave that's out in the Caribbean," explained Winters. "That wave is actually going to come into Florida along with a lot of tropical moisture that's down to the south, and it's all going to roll into Florida in the next couple of days." Based on these conditions, Winters predicted an 80 percent chance of weather preventing tanking operations, with a 70 percent chance of it standing in the way of launch at 11:26 a.m. EDT on Friday. The forecast for the following days improves to 60 percent no-go on Saturday and 40 percent on Sunday.


Now a question: Are you going to watch the very last shuttle launch, or letting it pass (depending on if you have and are allowed to watch it.) Including your thoughts on the end of the Shuttle program.

If you ask me, I am going to watch it, and my thoughts are, that I find it well sad to see it end. Even that the shuttle self is all getting pretty old and the costs are pretty high to maintenance a vehicle like that.
A note: I have never been there, but really would love to visit that place one day, but sadly never would see a shuttle going up after this one comes back from its mission.

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The last Space Shuttle launch
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