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 The Black Mountain Pack Stats

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PostSubject: The Black Mountain Pack Stats   Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:29 pm





Whispering Owl

Wind Feather

Dusk Owl
Falling Snow

Stone Fur
Shining Skybird

Elite Hunters(Closed)
Silver River

Elite Warriors(Closed)
Black Stag

Retired Elders(Open)
Sage Ghost (passed away)
Silver Eagle

Eye of the Forest(Closed)

Night Star


Sun Gaze

Sun Gaze

Pack Members(Open)
Dusted Leaf

Silent Heart



Rank Descriptions

Alphas - The top dogs, always a mated pair. Their word is law, this rank is really self explanatory. When submitting a profile, this is not an automatic rank. Your character must be chosen by the current Alpha (if there is only one) to gain this rank.

Betas - Second in command, up to for each Alpha. Unlike before, now does not have to be a mated pair. They are in charge when both Alphas are not around and usually are the ones that lead and direct group hunts. This is not an automatic rank. Your character must be chosen by the Alpha/s to gain this rank.

Delta - Only one of these is allowed. This wolf is something like a police-wolf in the pack, keeping the peace among the pack wolves and ensuring that the are actively participating in the pack as well as is something akin to a 'war general'...this meaning that the Delta is the wolf that trains the pack members to fight and advises the Alpha/s when there is war. This is not an automatic rank. Your character must be chosen by the current Alpha/s to gain this rank.

Spiritual - Only one of these is they are supposed to be rare anyways. A Spiritual is a wolf with the gifted ability to contact and interact with the Spirits. The job and life of the Spiritual can become very complicated. To have a Spiritual character you must contact Meoquanee (or Firestorm, if Meoquanee is absent) and link her to your character and be questioned and for the duties and abilities of the Spiritual wolf to be further explained. Only responsible players will be allowed to have an acting Spiritual.

Legend - There can be up to two Legends in the pack along with their apprentices. A Legend is a wolf with all of the knowledge of the history of the pack and all of the stories, both true and mythical, that the pack has ever known. To become a Legend a wolf must study extremely hard and memorize all of the knowledge presented to them by their teacher. This is not an automatic rank. Your character must be actively taught by a current Legend and tested before gaining this rank.

Healer - Up to four healers are allowed within the pack, not counting their apprentices. The Healer rank is self-explanatory. These wolves use plants to help treat ailments as well as make a dying wolf's last moments more comfortable as much as possible and assisting in births if need be. A wolf can have the skill and knowledge to heal without holding the Healer's rank, meaning a common pack member can have the skill but perhaps the Healer rank is full...but if a position opens up with the promotion from the Alpha/s then that wolf can move into that rank position. If there is an open position, the wolf simply need to approach an Alpha and ask for the position. The Alpha/s will have the other Healers judge the wolf's ability before either promoting the wolf or declining the request. This is not an automatic rank.

Elite Hunters - There is no set limit to this rank. Elite Hunters are specially chosen by the Alphas and Betas, with an agreement between all of them. A wolf holding the Elite Hunter rank means this wolf has shown exceptional ability to hunt for the pack and shows good leader skills in the hunt. Elite Hunters may be sent out by the Beta/s to lead pack hunts. This rank is mostly a 'recognizing' rank, and Elite Hunters are only very slightly higher in the ranking system than regular Pack Members and have no right to give out orders to Pack Members unless sent on a pack hunt by the Beta/s or Alpha/s. This can be an automatic rank.

Elite Warriors- There is no set limit to this rank. Basically the same as the Elite Hunters...except they are specially chosen by the Alphas and Delta, with an agreement between them all. An Elite Warrior means this wolf has shown exceptional ability in the fight and leadership skills in battle. Elite Warriors are always put on the front line of battles, and can be sent out by the Delta or higher rank to lead a small group of wolves on a territory patrol or some other mission, whether it be in-pack or out-of-pack. This rank, like the Elite Hunter, is mostly a 'recognizing' rank and Elite Warriors are only very slightly higher in the ranking system than regular Pack Members and have no right to give out orders to Pack Members unless specifically told by either Alpha, Beta, or Delta to lead a group for something. This can be an automatic rank.

Retired Elders - There is no set limit to this rank. These wolves have retired from their previous rank and can enjoy the remainder of their life of lazing about the pack's Camp area if they so desire. Retired Elders are to be respected by other members of the pack, even the Alphas show some lenience towards them. This can be an automatic rank.

Eye of the Forest - A non-wolven friend of the pack that is capable of leaving TBMP territory and scouting far and wide to bring news back to the pack. However it is not advised for an EotF to enter another pack's territory.

Pack Members - There is no set limit to this rank. The Pack Members should make up the bulk of the pack. Pack Members hunt and fight for the pack in general, as well as scout the territory either alone or in a small group. Pack Members may hunt for themselves, but it is strongly preferred that the wolves hunt for the pack as a whole. This can be an automatic rank.

Pups - The childrens! This is an automatic rank.

Omegas - The lowest rank in the pack. These wolves are usually either being punished temporarily or permanently. These wolves have screwed up enough to be demoted to this demeaning rank. They eat last and are not allowed to leave the Camp without an escort, thus the job of puppysitting tends to fall to them. Despite being an Omega, it is not permissible to abuse these wolves! This can be an automatic rank.

A rank that is marked as Closed means that you cannot simply choose to have your character in that rank. To achieve a Closed rank, your character must earn it through rp and be promoted by the Alpha/s. A rank that is Open is a rank that you can just choose to place your character in.

Ranking Feathers

TBMP wolves use feathers, tied firmly in the long fur behind the ear, to indicate their rank. These are the assigned feathers:

Alphas: Two Bald Eagle feathers

Beta: Golden Eagle

Heir: One Bald Eagle feather

Delta: Redtail Hawk

Elite Soldiers: Crow

Elite Hunters: Robin

Spiritual: Any yellow bird feather

Healers: Two feathers. Cardinal (male), to show rank, and dove as a white flag that they do not fight.

Legends: Blue Jay

Elders: Oriole

Eye of the Forest: none

Omegas: Quail

Pups: None

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PostSubject: Re: The Black Mountain Pack Stats   Sat Jun 25, 2011 10:39 pm


1. Respect higher ranking members

2. Always call the Alphas & Beta by their whole name (no shortcuts,like just Ebon or just Star for Ebon Star)

3. No one may eat before the Alphas, Betas, expecting and nursing mothers and pups

4. Pups and expecting mothers get choice portions

5. Never question the authority of higher ranking members

6. Only Alphas and Betas may mark the territory. If the land is expanded enough,the Alphas may allow the Delta to do this as well.

7. Lone pups that get accepted into the pack get to choose out of any of the members who will take care of them. They may also choose not to pick anybody and to care for themselves.

8. If a physical fight should ensue between two characters then either one of the Alphas or one of the Betas must be summoned (assuming there are witnesses to the fight). They will not interfere with the fight, but will allow the wolves to battle out their problem until a winner emerges. They will step in only if it appears that it will turn deadly. Ranks can not be attained through fights, if your character wants a rank it must be requested to the Alpha. However, fights that were started just to provoke the other's character and do purposely fight for no reason will be demoted and if it continues, banished.

9. If your character murders a packmember and gets caught, your character will in turn be killed by either the Alphas or by someone that the Alpha/s choose. Permission by the player is needed for one packmember to murder another, and if given then the player of the murderer automatically agrees to having that character killed back.

10. Torture is prohibited and punishable by the same acts the one who harms the other has done. This goes for the killing of a murderer (stated above), prisoners from war, etc. *Example: Wolf 1, for no reason, tears off the ears of another packmember. Punishment for Wolf 1 is getting his ears torn off.

11. Only Alphas and Betas may accept members into the pack though this should be a given.
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PostSubject: Re: The Black Mountain Pack Stats   Sat Jun 25, 2011 11:52 pm


With the merge of the Tall Pines Pack into The Black Mountain Pack, there are now two religions. The religion of the Tall Pines Pack is mainly by those sole wolves from that old pack and likely their offspring, but others wolves that join in are free to accept this religion as well...even though The Black Mountain wolves would rather press a newcomer to choose their own religion if they were to choose one.

The Black Mountain Pack Religion

Black Wolf
An abnormally large male wolf with a long, flowing solid black coat. His pupiless eyes glow white no matter day or night. Light blue faintly glowing beads adorn his body. He is the lord of wolves and other canids, having sculpted wolves out of the clouds and teaching then to live and work together on earth. He guards the great mountain in the sky where each wolf will return and wait until they are ready to be reborn.

Thunder Wolf
Thunder Wolf is described as being a massive wolf with elk-like antlers only a god could posses as it stands so tall one would think it impossible for him to hold his head up, having near 14 tines on each antler, adding up to 28. His coat is a deep bluish grey color with some white mottling around his hindquarters and upon his forehead and his eyes are a liquid ink color.
Working in guidance with Summer Spirit, and on occasion her sister, Winter, he roams the skies bringing thunder storms to the land. It is said that when you hear thunder rolling, it is Thunder Wolf running across the sky...

Freezing Wolf and Warming Wolf
Spirits of the forest, these sisters guide and control the seasons, forever chasing each other through the year...
Responsible for the seasons of spring and summer, Warming Wolf, is a considered a good spirit and is described as a creamy colored female wolf with blue-grey specklings over her coat, as if rain were falling, and a white flower tucked behind one ear and light green eyes. During the seasons of spring and fall, it is said they fight over the weather conditions until the equinox, where spirit with the coming season always wins out.
Freezing Wolf, is considered a neutral spirit, and described as a dark grey colored female wolf with white specklings over her coat, as if snow were falling, and a wreath of evergreen needles encircling her head and dark green eyes.

Pulse Wolf
A Spirit of the Forest, is responsible for Fertility, Birth, and Love. It may seem odd that Pulse Wolf...the Spirit of life...would be in charge of Love, you'd think there'd be a separate Spirit for it. But that is not the case. Without Love, then there cannot be honorable Birth or Life among the animals. The Love extends to all types, as well, let it be Maternal, Paternal, or simple friendships. Without Love then life cannot go on. Pulse Wolf is considered a Good Spirit, even though it is he who is the one who leads the souls of wolves who have just passed on into The Mountain in the Sky. Each time he leads a soul home, Pulse Wolf cannot help but to cry. Pulse Wolf is described as a white male wolf with 4 tines upon each perfectly curved whitetail-like antler..adding up to 8.

Wise Wolf
Wise Wolf is a Spirit of the Forest responsible for learning, knowledge, and memory. Wise Wolf is described as a brown, jolly fat wolf with sparkling light brown eyes. Oddly, instead of fur covering his body Wise Wolf has owl feathers and sprouting from his shoulder blades are magnificent owl wings. He is considered a Good Spirit.

Chaos Wolf
A great male black wolf with hollow black eyes and jagged protruding teeth that constantly drips blood, as do his large wicked nails, while his body is a mass of decaying flesh. As does Wise Wolf, instead of fur..or what fur he has left..he sports jet black feathers, a symbol of the carrion eating bird the crow. He carries around his neck a stone that contains all of the evil and earthbound spirits he has devoured, he feeds off of them which is why it is believed he taints a soul to be evil in the first he can feed off of it later. If a wolf dies and feels he had not fulfilled his purpose in life or for some other reason his soul remains wandering the mortal world instead of moving on that soul is also susceptible to being found and devoured by Chaos it is basically easy pickings without Black Wolf's protection in The Mountain In the Sky.
A Spirit of the Forest, and responsible for collecting evil souls as they pass from their mortal bodies and destroying them, but is also responsible for tainting the original soul Black Wolf placed in the fetus in the first place, making it evil. Chaos Wolf is also responsible for destruction of any types. He is considered an evil Spirit.

It is said that Black Wolf was created from the thick dark clouds of thunderheads. The clouds massed together, growing and lightning flashing angrily as a storm raged solely within the dark clouds. As the lightning cracked through the clouds they continuously crashed together, creating the loudest cracks of thunder the Earth had ever heard. Each time the lightning bolts made contact, a little of the lightning would arc off, as if water had been splashed, and these separate bits of lightning slowly began to form together. The glowing ball of light grew..ever so slowly..and began to ebb and throb. When the massive storm was over, all was deathly silent. The thick clouds remained, but the lightning and thunder ceased..leaving behind one ebbing glowing ball in the middle of the mass of dark clouds. Slowly, the clouds began to take form. A muzzle appeared, then a head, eyes and ears..paws and a tail. Black Wolf was born..his soul created from the melded sparks of lightning. Black Wolf looked down upon the land, seeing countless numbers of other animals thriving below him. However, he saw none like himself. There were other predators, but they were for the most part solitary only for themselves. And so he began the creation of the wolf. Black Wolf gathered other clouds before him and began to sculpt the first wolves, using bits of lightning to create their souls as his had been. He taught the wolves how to work together and live as a community, taught them the balance of life, and set them free. When certain wolves of recognition and achievement died, they became Black Wolf's second hand spirits, Spirits of the Forest. In life, Pulse Wolf had been an extremely kind white wolf. He had given everything of himself to others, which caused his own self a great deal of pain and hardship which ultimately ended up in his death when he mated to the love of his life. She had not been loyal in return to Pulse Wolf, and the male in which she was having an affair with did not enjoy sharing her in the end. He approached Pulse Wolf and a battle ensued. The aggressor won the bloody battle, and Pulse Wolf granted the everlasting life of a Forest Spirit by Black Wolf.
Thunder Wolf, in life, had been a large grey-blue wolf that had been the Alpha of a very successful pack. He had been what could be considered a 'perfect Alpha', and was a fair and merciful leader. He had saved many a life in his days by generously accepting any needy wolf into his pack. For the most part, this worked well as these wolves were so grateful that they stayed with the pack and returned Thunder Wolf's generosity. However, it was one sole wolf that he brought in that made his end. The wolf had been starving and the Alpha, of course, could not let this be. He took the wolf in, fed him and made him stronger. This wolf, over time, proved his worthiness to Thunder Wolf and was promoted to be a Beta. Power soon went to the wolfs head, however, and he wanted more. In the middle of the night, his movements and actions disguised by a raging storm overhead, he murdered Thunder Wolf in his sleep via strangulation. The murderer adjusted the dead Alpha to look as if he drowned in his sleep when his muzzle fell into a small pool of rainwater. Thunder Wolf was given the honor of being a Forest Spirit after his death, accepting the role of the rain giver.
Now, Freezing Wolf and Warming Wolf were same-litter sisters. Their personalities then match their personalities as Forest Spirits. Warming Wolf had been a warm, bubbly, and outgoing she wolf whilst her sister Freezing Wolf had been quiet, withdrawn, and somber. The two wolves traveled together and acted as siblings always do where some days they were best friends and others they fought. However, with their vast differences in their personalities they fought and argued more often than got along. Nonetheless, they always loved each other and never left the other. Though they never actually did anything special to deserve their place as Forest Spirits, when they finally passed away at a ripe old age Black Wolf decided that their personalities would be perfect to let them orchestrate the seasons. And so they came to be.
In his lifetime, the brown furred Wise Wolf had been a jolly..if somewhat overweight..wolf. He enjoyed the company of younger wolves and loved to share his knowledge with them and it was knowledge that he constantly sought. In his mortal life, Wise Wolf learned everything a mortal wolf could know...but this cost him the opportunity to have a family and really settle down in any one pack or place. In the end, though he died as an old wolf alone in the midst of a heavy winter blizzard, he had earned his place as a Forest Spirit and after his death Black Wolf revealed to him so much more knowledge that he could never have learned about as a mortal. Wise Wolf was in awe, and Black Wolf bestowed upon him the blessing of being the Forest Spirit of wisdom.
The last wolf, Chaos Wolf, did not earn his title honorably. In life, Chaos Wolf had been a jet black wolf with the most evil intentions. He was a murderer, cannibal, and destroyer of happiness in that order. Chaos Wolf lived only off of the flesh of other wolves, even puppies were not except from his evil crimes. He was a brutal wolf, but never killed in the open and never killed a wolf that would be greatly missed. This is how he escaped punishment from the mortal wolves for ten years. Even as age caught up to him, he continued his terrible deeds. However, things had started to get risky. Chaos Wolf was slowing down from age, and so his targets became more specific. Pups or wolves far more elderly than himself...though sometimes he'd get lucky and happen upon a sleeping wolf. He could no longer take on more than one wolf at a time, either, and here we find his undoing. Chaos Wolf had not had a meal for days, was starving, and picked out a plump pup from a lone family of a mother, father, and three puppies. As usual, he waited until nightfall to make his move..but hunger caused him to move in too soon. He thought the parents were asleep, but he'd been wrong. When his shadow, cast by the full moon, moved over the father's face the wolf awoke to see Chaos Wolf leaning in towards his son with parted jaws, drool slinging from his teeth. The father leapt to his son's rescue, and the brawl wakened the mother whom soon joined in. Chaos Wolf put up a tough fight, but in the end his own blood finally leaked into the ground. When he ascended to The Mountain in the Sky, Black Wolf blocked him from the entrance. He was given the duty of destruction and was made a Forest Spirit...but was not granted access into The Mountain in the Sky like the other Forest Spirits. Chaos Wolf is condemned to roam the Earth alone, where he taints souls in mothers' wombs and then takes the souls as it exits the body in death to keep in his Soul Stone. These souls provide him company, and he relishes the terrible screams that rent from within the Soul Stone around his rotting neck.

The Tall Pines Pack Religion

The Spirit of Life. He is a very old elk with huge antlers. Shedding antlers for every pup born, he appears and blesses wolf pups with the gift to see gods. Friend of Whispering Oak.
Item: Piece of antler.

One-Who-Chases-Rain Clouds
Rain and Lightening are overseed by this coyote, rain-shaped markings adorn this trickster's back.
Item: Wood struck by lightening.

God of the Plains, he is an old whitetail deer with large antlers. Leader of all herds,he will curse any wolf that attempts to harm him.
Item: Rare blue flower.

This old possum has very large teeth and walks with a cane. Teacher to shamans and the likes, she has control of the eagles in the area.

Oldest fox in the area. Wind is the element of this white-patched fox, her green eyes reflect her hidden power with the apearence of reflecting cloudiness.
Item: A branch misshapen by the wind.

Spirit of Wisdom is a very old Great-horned owl with white feathers and black tips.
Item: A single white feather tipped with black.

A grizzly bear with a white face and back, and lord of Trees and Plants.
Item: A perfectly round pinecone.

Deity: Mountains
Item: Rock from Black Mountain.
Description: A golden eagle with a blacken beak.

Death is the forseem by an adult ram with many scars down his face. No fleece remains on his torn face, only the waves of scars that always apear new. (representation of death)
Item: Tip of ram's horn

Earth is ruled by a huge white bison with swirl around one eye.
Item: Rare blue grass

The underground and all it houses, domain of a rabbit with a triangle making on her back...
She is said to be the mother of all rabbits.
Item: Triangle piece of flint.

((More on the TPP religion to come))

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PostSubject: Re: The Black Mountain Pack Stats   Sun Jun 26, 2011 12:24 am


The Black Mountain Pack is considered an aggressive pack when it comes to outsiders. Or, at least, it's supposed to be. Though they are as any pack within the borders, caring for one another and getting along, when it comes to strangers..particularly strangers that overstep the pack boundaries..aggression issues tend to rise. On that note, the Alpha bloodline in particular tends towards aggression, even towards pack members, and in some cases in the past has proved to be overly and unnecessarily aggressive. It is hoped, however, that those times will not come around again. The wolves of The Black Mountain Pack are deeply religious and their religion is one of the very first things taught to their young pups.
The Alpha-ship of The Black Mountain Pack is based on bloodline, meaning one offspring of the current Alphas is chosen as Heir and taught the skills needed to lead a pack. Technically, this is the only blood-gained rank in the pack though it is not unusual for Betas and other specially ranked wolves to try to groom one of their own to inherit their rank. This has been done often before and been successful, but only because in the end that wolf was trained right and qualifies for the rank and is not simply due to bloodline.
The Black Mountain Pack does not have many rituals, but they do exist nonetheless. For a wolf that believes in the First Wolf religion, Dreaming their adult name is a big step in their life. Dreaming must be done in a sacred place and in the old territory, the valley, it was once a cave. Here in their new home the sacred place is a massive willow tree whose leaves reach to the ground to completely conceal anybody within. It is here that the Dreaming is done, and Dreaming is only done when the wolf that is passing from puphood to adulthood is deemed ready by the pack's Spiritual. To Dream, the adult-to-be must enter the encompassing willow tree and rest beneath the great leaves. It is when they fall into a deep slumber that the Spirits give the wolf his or her dream, which tells of that wolf's name. It will never be outright told to the wolf, and the Spirits will never show themselves to the wolf, but it will be as if that wolf were having a normal dream...even though this time it has true meaning. When the wolf awakes after doing his Dreaming, he must tell his dream to the pack's Spiritual to have his Dream deciphered and then he will know what his adult name will be. All wolves of the First Wolf religion must do a Dreaming, but sometimes...and extremely rarely...will the wolf's pup name also be his adult name.


The Swift River Clan


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PostSubject: Re: The Black Mountain Pack Stats   

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The Black Mountain Pack Stats
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