The Snows of White Ridge continues an epic, as blessings, changes, and trials alike come to the newly-named White Ridge Pack, and their allies, the Swift River Clan.
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 Lead Hunter Onyx

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PostSubject: Lead Hunter Onyx   Thu Jun 02, 2011 3:01 am

Name: Onyx

Age: 4 years

Sex: Male

Position: Lead Hunter

Height/Length: H 2'5" L 7'

Weight: 120 Lbs

Description or picture: Onyx is a strong male who, despite being slightly smaller than Seraph, is a bit more muscular, consequently being slightly heavier than she. His fur is silvery-gray with light patches that allow him to easily hunt amongst the rocky peaks that make up his home turf, or to blend in with the river waters beneath. His eyes are a blue so very deep they almost appear black, thus giving him his name. He is missing a piece of his upper lip on his left side, and numerous other scars and battle markings mark his body, giving him a ferocious appearance that belies his steady nature. He is also missing the fur at the end of his tail, having lost this in a fight with Seraph.

Personality: Onyx is a darkly-tempered, no-nonsense male. He does not take orders well, and often believes that he should be in a position of greater authoritiy than he is. His constant bickering with Seraph has led many to wonder why he is not exiled from the Clan, or killed outright. Indeed, his conflicts with her are the source of several of his scars. Despite this however, Onyx is an extremely loyal, extremely competent hunter and fighter. He has fought all his life to get where he is and does not take well to anything that might be conceived as a threat to his position, from within the clan, or without. He has few friends within the Clan, but all know that if it ever comes down to it, he will gladly die for them. He is the first to charge into battle, and the last to withdraw.. and whispers have begun to circulate that he may in fact not hate Seraph as much as he claims.

History: Not born of the Clan, mother died in birthing him, raised alongside Seraph and fought to get to his position. His father's parentage is unknown, but is also the subject of rumors. MORE DETAILED HISTORY COMING SOON!

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Lead Hunter Onyx
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