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 Cougar Base Religion

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PostSubject: Cougar Base Religion   Tue May 31, 2011 1:52 pm

To the Cougar's, there is a reason and a being for everything that takes place in their world. Like the Wolves, they have their own series of deities that they follow.

The list is short and sweet for now. No need in confusing everyone, right? Smile


Tiamat the Huntress :: She is the mother of the Cougar society. She controls the running of the herds, and provides victory, or causes failure in a hunt. She maintains balance, and is the ultimate judge of the felines' good or ill deeds. Referred to as The Mother, or Mother Tiamat.
>> Symbol - The Redwood

Valefor of the Dusk :: Once called 'the Hunter,' Valefor was Tiamat's mate for many millenia. He helped Tiamat establish a proud lineage of Cougars, and was among them as they learned to hunt and live for themselves in the mortal world. Centuries ago, though, Valefor was caught in an act of betrayal, leading the enemies of the Cougars into their midst, aiding in the near destruction of the entire society. After that, Tiamat banished Valefor in the underworld, making him nothing more than a ferrier for the souls of those that perish.
>> Symbol - Onyx stone
IMPORTANT NOTE:: He is always referred to as The Dusk, as speaking his name is almost the same as swearing at or cursing someone. To call on Valefor is to invite your own death, and that of those closest to you. Breaking this law will bring immediate banishment from Seraph's Clan.


Zalera and Shivar, the Sky Bearers :: The first born of Tiamat, these twins were barely from the womb before they tore off into the wild, ascending to the sky. Zalera, the girl, became the Day Star, the sun that lights the world and pushes the darkness away, and has sway over the turning of the seasons of the earth. Shivar, the boy, became the Cold Star, the always changing face of the moon, and holds sway over the ebb and flow of the tides. Tiamat, despairing at the loss of her first born, shed tears that followed the two, dotting the sky at night like diamonds. The moon continues to chase the sun around the sky in a never-ending game of 'tag,' as it were.
>> Symbol - Sun and Moon

Asura of the Medicine Wheel :: A daughter of Tiamat, she is the keeper of the healing craft. Through her, the chosen are taught the arts of life and death. Asura is a mystery to any but those who dedicate to her lineage.
>> Symbol - The Fern

Ixion the Plague :: The son of Valefor (but not Tiamat), he is Asura's opposite. He brings sickness, famine, drought, and all other form of despair and death into the world. Much is done to assuage him when darkness falls on the clans.
>> Symbol - Nightshade

Balasa the Young Bringer :: The tiniest daughter of Tiamat, she determines when females mate, when they concieve, how many they will litter, and, ultimately, which of the young will survive to adulthood. She is also the one that whispers the names of the young to their mothers.
>> Symbol - Quartz Crystal


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Cougar Base Religion
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