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 Forum Rules (Updated 10/30/2011)

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PostSubject: Forum Rules (Updated 10/30/2011)   Wed Sep 05, 2007 5:44 pm

Before we can get down to having fun and getting to know one another, it is important that a few rules be established. These are subject to change as it becomes necessary. The penalties for disregarding all of them are the same, but will become more or less severe depending on the rule and severity of the offense.

Offense #1- Warning, possible loss of some privallages.
Offense#2- Temporary banning, length of time to be determined be the pack alphas based on severity of offense and offender history
Offense #3- Third strike. You are out. Results in permanent banning.


*Do not mix OOC (out of character) and IC (in-character) feelings, knowledge, etc. If you know something about a plot OOCly, your character should not know it ICly unless it has been roleplayed out that the character has discovered it.
*However, you can spoof (insinuate) scenes and whatnot as long as all involved parties agree on what happened, how, the outcome, etc. To make things safe, perhaps make a backup record of the spoof incase it is needed in the future.
*No powerplay, godmodding, or thrilkilling. Powerplay/godmodding is where you take control of another person's character in your post. If the other player does not agree that that's okay, don't do it. Thrillkilling is where your character goes around and tries to kill another character with no plot behind it and no agreement from the other player.
*No flaming please <3 there may be an official rant thread in Yips, Howls, Woofs, and Growls, or you may make one, to get what you need off of your chest and to let others post what they want to say for themselves, but do not direct anything towards anyone and do not use it to make trouble within the forum.
*When you make a profile a character, you cannot decide to give yourself a high rank (so you can't decide that your character is, like, going to be a Beta). You may freely choose of any of the more 'commoner' ranks below the Delta position unless the informational website of that pack says otherwise.

More may be added if deemed neccessary.

Fighting Rules

*As per the above rules, no powerplay or godmodding.
*When posting an attack, use the words 'attempted', 'tried to' 'aimed for' etc. This gives your opponent the chance to decide whether to dodge or take the hit. It keeps you from powerplaying, as well.
*TAKE HITS. We all want our characters to be uber kwl and ttly awesome, but that's not how it goes in real life and so it shall not here. Also, your character should experience fatigue and weaken from battle. Sometimes, it's more fun and dramatic to lose and get a few scars worth showing off .
*You are allowed only three dodges maximum in a row. This means, if you dodge three times without taking a hit in between, you MUST take the fourth attack as a hit. It doesn't matter if it could cripple your character.
*On the same note, no fatal or severely crippling attacks time after time after time. Realistically, a fight is going to move very fast even if it seems to go slow when typing it out in roleplay. Your character won't really have time to decide the best place to hit each and every time.
*You are permitted to ask staff to watch a fight, if you so desire, without consequences. We will not inform anyone else whether or not we were asked to watch a fight and we will only speak up if we see a rule/s being broken.


*No Mary-Jane characters. In other words, no making a perfect character. All characters must have a weakness to each strength, whether it be physical, emotional, mental, etc. On the same note, no giants of your species. A few may be allowed through, if they're only slightly bigger than their average fellows, but if you have a character of some kind of mega-size over what's considered normal, it will not be accepted and you will be asked to downsize it to normal.
*Concerning colors, they must be semi-realistic. You can have some shades on your character that are slightly out of normalcy but no going overboard. Feel free to ask either an administrator or the moderator of profiles if you are unsure.
*Concerning the above. Don't get me wrong, feel free to be creative for we will allow you to make up your own original markings as long as they're minor. Just don't over do it. Example: Don't give your wolf character tiger stripes or a crazy plaid pattern or something like that. Splotches, spotting, a few small stripes, even some brindling etc etc are all fine however.
*No magic! Your character cannot have powers, or glowy objects, etc. A degree of shaman-ism for the Spiritual characters is allowed, as long as it's not in any way being used as an unfair advantage over others. Spiritual characters can only contact the Spirits, read dreams, make predictions (which may not be and don't always have to be correct) etc, but they cannot read minds, see into the past or future, magically heal, etc. They may be given minor hints about something major to come through the Spirits or whatnot, but that is the extent of anything like that.
*When it comes to naming your characters, you may notice that there's a certain style of naming. This lets you think of your own original and creative name for your character, HOWEVER your character should not be named after something that they don't even know exists. For example, you can't have a character named FastArrow or something. They have no idea what arrows are as they have never encountered humans.

I know it may seem impossible after all the above rules, but I must insist you follow this rule above all else: HAVE FUN! HAVE FUN! HAVE FUN!

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Forum Rules (Updated 10/30/2011)
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