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 A New Universe - Part 2

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PostSubject: A New Universe - Part 2   Sun May 03, 2009 6:26 am

Part 1 of A New Universe is [Here]

Because the old thread was aging and getting pretty large, I thought a fresh start would be advisable. From now on (if we are lucky to get so far), we will be bringing the RP to another Part thread every 10 pages.


Before posting in this thread, if you were already part of the RP, please give a heads up in [This] thread.


First things first, before begining, I will give a status update on everyone's characters, NPCs, and Ships to help jog our memories. To note: Some characters are shifted under their creator, even if they are technically NPCs. If any of these are wrong, let me know and I'll edit as soon as I can.


Kensei's characters:
Captain Grigory - Captain's quarters; filling out forms and probably smoking that damn pipe
Kaiden - Offscreen; Plotting
Dr. Halim Ancir - Steven's quarters; waiting to visit a Diviner Chapel
Dr. Alfonse D'Garmo - On the Defiant; getting settled in

Kotie's characters:
Admiral Kotie - The Defiant; readying information to exchange with Phaesis
Dr. Bashir - The Defiant; helping Kara and D'Garmo get settled aboard

Phiknight's characters:
Phaesis - Dogoda docking bay; heading for sickbay
Pandora - Dogoda sickbay; resting
Kat D'ilah - Department Station; awaiting the arrival of new ships

Jarod's characters:
Lazarus - The outer edges of the system; walking the Ruins of Eos.
Raelthorne - With his Master; serving his Master's needs

Gild's character:
Achmed - Wandered off; heading in the general direction of the docking bay

Ru's characters:
Steven Yancey - His quarters; about to accompany Dr. Halim
Takuya Sajiro (Kuyat) - Dogoda Mag-Lev; Heading back to his quarters
Khetatha Ahriman- Steven's Quarters, using a datapad

Jastor - Department Station; Looking for a Bounty
Ixtu - Returning to sickbay to report
Admiral Rommel - Nudum Cogito, readying to dock with Station
Hilco O'Mane - Defiant Engineering; probably monitoring his station
Vorge - Defiant Bridge; monitoring security
Gavin Thorpe - Defiant sickbay; readying to join the crew
Kara Landere - With D'Garmo; getting settled in
Chrysta - Dogoda sickbay; watching Pandora
Sergeant Ganzer - Dogoda Bridge; monitoring security
Vaal Norman - Personal quarters; off-duty/sleeping
Dr. Akilah Raunsch - Dogoda; watching the sickbay
Miranda - Dogoda Bridge; handling comms

Ships and AI:
Razor/Lesla - Docked in the Dogoda; locked down/Running diagnostics
Defiant - Docked in the Dogoda; cloaked
Dogoda/Perun - Readying to dock with the Department Station/Randomly interjecting into people's conversation in the Mag-Lev
Pharaon/Horo - Ruins of Eos; docked/Keeping a watchful eye
Nudum Cogito - Escorting the Dogoda
Blood Horn - Offscreen; being menacing and dangerous

*whew* That took some time.

Please note, that until we are ready, I will keep this thread locked, to prevent confusion about posting.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Universe - Part 2   Sat May 23, 2009 11:12 am

Last Time on After the Fall - A New Universe:

The Defiant arrived in the Gemini system, to find the Dogoda under attack by pirates. The Defiant quickly dispatched and transported the few survivors aboard his ship. At the same time the Occam's Razor, cloaked, monitored the battle and its pilot Phaesis, infiltrated the Dogoda.

Phaesis found his quarry, Hadred, and began to interrogate him. Admiral Kotie visited his sickbay, before preparing to dock. Chrysta and Ganzer awoke in the Defiant's sickbay, under the eye of Dr. Bashir.

Phaesis learned the information he needed, and when Hadred attempted to attack, killed him. The Defiant docked, and the senior officers came onboard the Dogoda. Phaesis found the true goal of his search, the child Pandora and a set of Gravitic Generators.

Chrysta and Gnzer began to become acquanted with the Defiant's strange sickbay, as the crews of the Defiant and Dogoda met formally. Learning that a large ship was incoming, the Dogoda crew went on high alert, and began speeding off.

Vaal and Phaesis met in a tense confrontation, interrupted when Grigori entered to find them both. Bashir released Ganzer from his confinement, as the survivors struggle to come to terms with the loss of the colonists.

Phaesis and Grigori exchange words, but come to an understanding, Vaal is dismissed back to the bridge, as Phaesis is given free run to stay aboard the Dogoda. Admiral Kotie meets the survivors in the sickbay, personally.

The Dogoda received a message from the Blood Horn, as the survivors decide whether they wish to return to the Dogoda. Achmed sits bored amongst the colonists. D'Garmo gets kicked when trying to fix Ganzer's leg.

Grigori returns to the bridge, as Phaesis is directed to the Dogoda's sickbay. Grigori watch the message from the Blood Horn and learn that Kaiden is in command of the Blood Horn. The surviors, and Admiral Kotie, beam to the Dogoda's sickbay.

The Defiant tests its cloak, much to the confusion of the crew of the Dogoda. large amounts of wreckage come into sensor range, as do a small number of Department ships. The Blood Horn breaks off its pursuit course.

Phaesis goes to the sickbay, along with his charge, and is caught off guard by the survivors being beamed over. Achmed rises, and decides to look for food, or at least something interesting to do. Dr. Ancir greets his guests in sickbay.

Vaal is informed about the message, as well as about Hadred's death. The Dogoda's crew finally figures out that the Defiant has cloaked. Phaesis places Pandora in the care of the sickbay. The Defiant uncloaks.

A mysterious ship launches from the Blood Horn and cloaks. Phaesis, the survivors, and Admiral Kotie become acquainted. Achmed makes his way into the sickbay, where he is assigned a robotic sidekick. Ganzer (finally) gets his leg replaced, as he, Kotie, D'Garmo and Kara head for the bridge.

The Nudum Cogito hails the Dogoda, Admiral Rommel and Captain Grigori reach an agreement, and they begin to escort the Dogoda to the nearest Station. Dr. Akilah arrives in sickbay, with the frozen corpse of Hadred in tow. Achmed is pointed towards the mess hall.

Pandora awakens in sickbay, and Phaesis does what he can to comfort her. The group heading for the bridge enter the Mag-Lev, and Kotie meets the ship's AI, Perun, while learning about Vacuum Ghouls. Achmed and Ixtu near the mess hall.

Gavin awakens, temporarily, in the Defiant's sickbay. Kotie and company reach the bridge. Achmed sits down for a meal in the mess hall, but is interrupted by meddling mess workers. Phaesis helps to manage Pandora's psionic powers, and puts her to sleep.

Ganzer returns to his station on the bridge, as Kotie and Grigori talk. The Defian'ts crew learns of the massive population size in the system. D'Garmo and Kara decide to remain aboard the Defiant.

Khetatha sneaks into the mess hall, and steals food amidst the rising confusion. Achmed unleashes a psionic burst of raw empathy. Gavin comes fully awake in the Defiant sickbay.

Steven is released from his cryo-stasis in the Dogoda sickbay. The Occam's Razor's AI decides to decloak suddenly, causing confusion amongst the crew of the Dogoda, and the escourting Department vessels.

The situation in the mess hall degenerates further. Dr. Ancir answers Steven's questions. Gavin panics over the loss of his hand. Lesla contacts Phaesis and the situation is resolved.

Security finally shows in the mess, and arrests everyone. Achmed unleashes a pyrokinetic flame that kills his assailents. Everyone in the mess is sent to the brig. Phaesis is escourted to the bridge to answer for his ship.

Phaesis informs the Captain of the dea he had with Hadred, and about the Gravitic Generators aboard his ship. Gavin and Bashir visit the Defiant's mess hall.

Steven asks about his belongings, as Khetetha encounters Kuyat while moving away from the mess. Phaesis is accepted as a crew member of the Dogoda, as the Defiant is gifted with civilian clothes, weapons and Dogoda crew uniforms.

Steven and Dr. Halim leave sickbay for the auxillary storage bay, Steven rediscovers Perun. The mysterious ship which launched from the Blood Horn crashes into the docking bay of the Department Station.

Steven talks at length with Perun, while heading for the storage bay. Grigory warns Kotie about the Department's laws. Phaesis devises a plan to hide the Gravity Generators.

Grigory and Admiral Kotie decide to mask the presence of the Defiant as much as possible. Kuyat heads for nearby Mag-Lev, leaving his charge to sleep. Phaesis meets the Defiant's chief engineer.

Khetatha attempts to follow his guardian but is rebuked. Gavin tried synthisized food on the Defiant. Jastor acts menacingly at a bar on the Station.

A plan to project a hologram where the Defiant is docked is devised. Phaesis beams aboard the Defiant. Kuyat and Steven meet on the Mag-Lev. Kat orders some noodles while thinking about becoming a chef on the incoming ships, aboard the Station.

Phaesis learns of the Defiant's warp drive, and qustions Engineer O'Mane enthusiatically. Gavin weighs his options for a replacement hand. Admiral Kotie returns to his ship.

Tension in the Mag-Lev, between Kuyat and those aboard. Jastor destroys a cult devoted to a Psion with a god-complex. Phaesis and O'Mane decide to try and share information, if permission can be granted. The Occam's Razor redocks within the Dogoda.

Kat eagerly prepares for her new career, by forwarding her resume throughout the Station's systems. The holo-projectors are fully placed around the Defiant, and ready. Achmed and Ixtu are released from the brig. Khetatha is left in Steven's care.

O'Mane and Phaesis stop have a bite on the Defiant. D'Garmo and Kara are finally prepared to move to the Defiant. Steven and Halim reach the Cargo Bay, and Steven collects his sand gourd. Gavin decides to remain aboard the Defiant.

Kotie, Kara, and D'Garmo board the Defiant. Phaesis tries Jamaican blend coffee, and learns more about the Defiant. Steven is assigned a room, but is told he must stay in sickbay overnight. After getting his accomodations set up, Steven and Halim decide to visit a Diviner chapel on the Department station.

Kuyat's health continues to deteorate, as he heads back to his room for much needed sleep. D'Garmo replaces Gavin's lost hand with a cybernetic one. Phaesis visits his ship, redresses himself, and exits. Kara and D'Garmo receive their new quarters.


The Pharaon slowly approached the Gemini system, as Dr. Lazarus awoke from stasis. After becoming acclimated to his body once more, he encounered the Children of Theia. After initial tensions, he was allowed to come aboard the Children's home colony, where he was recognised by one of its oldest echoes.


OOS: The above is a refresher course, a quick rundown of how the RP has gone so far. I -am- smoothing out the posts as I can. Next post, is the first in the continuation of the story, which I should have ready by tomorrow, at the latest. Apologies if the above is a bit much to read. It isn't a requirement, just a comparatively quick recap.

Gah, that took even longer than the character status post.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Universe - Part 2   Wed May 27, 2009 1:00 am

And now, the continuation:

The Dogoda shuddered to a stop as the Station's docking beams latched into place, holding the ship motionless. The docking bay opened, and great ramps extended with a loud mechanical screech, before setting down on the Station's walkways. A small number of officers in Department uniforms approached the walkway, as a large mass of colonists began to disembark.

As the people began to disperse the officers organised them into orderly lines, leading them away to where Department ships would take them to their destination. When the colonists were dealt with, some of the Dogoda crew began to disembark as well.

Captain Grigory watched as his crew filtered out on shore-leave, he held up his Holo-Comm and spoke aloud "Vaal."

The scratchy discoloured image of Grigory's first mate filtered into view. "Aye Captain."

"Keep an eye on the ship for me will you? I have to go and speak with Admiral Rommel and this Station's Overseer."

"Understood. I'll keep the ship holding together for you. Don't forget we need our ion cannons replaced."

Grigori nodded, "Maybe we can find some work. Ah, be certain to greet anyone coming on to join the crew, personally."

"Will do Grigory, you be careful out there. Vaal out"

The image flickered and then went out. Grigory stood at the walkway looking back to admire his ship before turning and heading into the Station. With him were Sergaent Ganzer, and a pair of Security Officers.


OOS: Ok, thats the main group, Kotie, were any of your crew coming along with the Captain?

Everyone else can filter out, or remain within the Dogoda as they like. Sorry this is a bit bland, but lets get this underway already, I've delayed enough. :p

The docking-arm the Dogoda is parked in is near the bottom of the station, the arms all lead to an enclosed market area, which is massive, with spaceous overhangs, parks, artifical lakes, as well as markets, bars, shops, and etc etc.

Feel free to explore any sort of story line you wish aboard the Station, I have a feeling we'll be here a while... Just don't cause too much trouble, heh.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Universe - Part 2   Thu May 28, 2009 3:46 pm

ďAdmiralís Log, supplemental. Our host ship, the Dogoda has docked and I have instructed the crew to wear civil clothing and or uniforms from the host ship, as our own uniforms will draw allot of attention and questions of from where we are. Further we must hide our comlink, avoiding the use of the transporter, leaving our technology aboard the Defiant and using only the laser blasters we got supplied. If someone of the station asks where we come from, then is the answer that we came from the Dogoda as colonists, for those who wear civil clothing.

I have also discussed with the senior staff about the requests of Phaesis and what we get in return of it. Some, where not really happy with giving it away, as it can get a security risk. But if it stays at the basics of it, it is no problem. Once we have left the station, i shall give Phaesis the information he requested. We have also talked about the wishes of Gavin and that Bashir and i look after him for now and train him. As last I told them over the three new crew members, Gavin, DíGarmo and Kara.

The voiceover of the log was said while the Dogoda was on the end of its docking process. Onboard of the cloaked Defiant, are all crewmembers walking around in their new outfit, and others still in their Starfleet uniforms. Most of the senior staff are dressed up in the uniforms from the Dogoda.

Commander Vorge is dressed like one of the colonists and wearing a sort of hat, that covers his Klingon markings.

Admiral Kotie was standing by the captainís chair, pushed in a button and spoke ďAll hands, this is the admiral speaking. Everyone is allowed to leave the ship and explore the station, on the condition that you donít say a word about where we came from, and that you wear colonist clothing. When going back onboard, be sure that you arenít followed, and you canít use the transporter. That is it for now. Have you all a good time on the station. Admiral Kotie signing out.Ē

He and everyone of the senior staff left the bridge, taking the turbolift to deck 3, exited at that deck and walked to the front airlock. From their they exited the ship and arrived in the large docking bay. They walked right through the fake engine column that is placed there, to protect others from bumping into the cloaked ship. From there out, walked the group to where captain Grigory is waiting for them, as agreed.

OOC: The whole senior staff is joining the captain, for the time being, they shall go separate ways later.

I'm not bossy, I just have better ideas.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Universe - Part 2   Mon Jun 01, 2009 3:01 pm

Leaving with the colonists onto the station, Achmed peers around, his nose already infiltrating the number of scents assaulting his mind in the market area. He shakes his head, clearing his thoughts and trying to block out all of the minds of those around him. He wanted a ship... a personal sized fighter. But the problem was money. He begins looking around the massive market.
His hunting for work through the market was not turning very fruitful, as he kept getting waylaid by all of the stalls that vendored food of various types. His stomach was already bothering him. Typical that my stomach would bug me now... grr... I need to find food first...damn I mean work. He was growing more frustrated by the moment, and people he passed by were starting to give him a bit more space as he walked. He supposed that it must be showing on his face, but he really didn't care. There had to be some way he could make this work.

After an hour of wandering the market he sighs and sits down at a bench wearily. "How hard can it be just to get some bloody work!? There's nothing to even hunt." He sighs.
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PostSubject: Re: A New Universe - Part 2   

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A New Universe - Part 2
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