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 List of Medicinal herbs and plants (old)

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PostSubject: List of Medicinal herbs and plants (old)   Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:54 am

This will give a reference for healers/future healers. To our knowledge, these are all easily available in forest/river areas such as the home of TBMP and TSRC.

Alderleaf Mountain Mahogany
Location: Grows on plains, foothills, rocky slopes, ridges, ledges, and bluffs. It grows between elevations of 4,000 and 8,000 feet
Usage: The roots and leaves have an emetic action and are used to treat stomach problems. It is also given to a new mother to speed her recovery.
Effect: uhm... deadly for livestock, so why it is mentioned in here, i don't know.
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Aster - berries, combined with sumac berries, makes a kidney/bladder medicine. Dried and powdered aster is used as snuff to relieve many types of head ailements, swelling, sores in the nose, headache, toothache, and sore eyes.

Barberry - stomachache, heartburn, and other indigestion problems. Mixed with other plants to treat spider bites.

Burdock Root - Used to cure infections, particularly injuries obtained through bites.

Celandine - Used to sooth weak eyes, and helps those with weak eyes.

Chamomile - Used to calm a wolf down.

Chervil - Used to soothes eyes, especially for blind or nearly blind wolves.

Chervil root - Juice is used for infected wounds. Root is chewed on to ease bellyache

Cliffrose - an emetic and is used for stomachache and nausea. It is also made into a lotion for skin problems and bites of venomous animals. The leaves are made into a cough syrup.

Cobwebs - Used to stop bleeding

Colts foot - Used to help with coughs, especially for pups

Comfrey - Used to help cure for broken bones (HELP cure... Does not replace bark used for splints)

Daisy leaves - Paste is used for aching joints

Dock leaves - Used to make fur slippery when stuck in a tight space

Evening Primrose - White-stemmed evening primrose is used as a lotion for boils. The whole plant is used as a poultice on spider bites, and the ground plant is used as a dusting powder on sores.

Fever few - Used to reduce fever and head pain

Fourwing saltbush - is used to treat a variety of skin irritations. The leaves are chewed and used as a poultice on ant, bee and wasp bites. A wart like growth on saltbush is mixed with juniper mistletoe and used to treat toothaches and stomachache. Leaves and roots can be made into a cough medicine. The plant can also be used as snuff to relieve nasal problems.

Goldenrod poultice - Put on wounds to help heal

Greasewood - chewed and applied to the stings of ants, wasps and bees. It is also used in childbirth.

Honey - Used to soothes throats. It works particularly well on pups.

Juniper - emetic to a medicine for headaches, influenza, stomachaches, nausea, acne, spider bites and postpartum pain. One of its most comforting uses is as a hot water bottle. A heated branch wrapped in a slightly damp cloth (or in this case, pelt) is placed on a aching ear, arm or leg, or on the abdomen of a woman in labor.

Juniper berries - Used to calms wolves and cure bellyache

Lavender - Used for wolves with chills

Lupine - A lotion is made of the leaves of lupine to treat poison ivy blisters.

Marigold leaves ~ Put on wounds and used to prevent infections

Mormon Tea - used as a diuretic to treat bladder and kidney problems. It is also considered an effective treatment for afterbirth pains.

Mouse bile - Used to get relieve ticks (And yes, in the wild, ticks are DEFINITELY a problem for wolves. XD)

Nettle - Leaves are used on rashes and fever

Nightshade - Deadly plant, of no medicinal value

Oregon grape - used as a poultice. Lotion from the leaves used to treat scorpion stings. Leaves and twigs used as a rheumatism medication.

Patch of Garlic - Used to draw out any poison in bites

Pinyon pitch - is mixed with red clay and mutton tallow to make a skin salve much like Vaseline. This mixture is also used to sooth skin irritations or to protect skin from sunburn. Rotted pine wood can be ground into a talcum powder for babies. Pinyon pitch is used as an emetic; the leaves are boiled with juniper leaves to treat diarrhea. Warm pitch can be placed over a splinter embedded in the skin, allowed to dry, and then pulled off the skin, taking the splinter with it.

Ponderosa pine - is used as a cold and fever medicine

Poppy seeds - Used to numb pain

Prickly pear cactus - the fleshy pad of prickly pear is peeled and bound over a cut to stop the bleeding. Rolling the fruit in sand or singeing it in hot ashes removes the spines.

Rabbitbrush - is used for coughs, colds, fever, rheumatism, internal injuries and headache.

Sagebrush - Mixed with other species of sagebrush, it is said to cure headaches by odor alone. When the plant is boiled, it is said to be good for childbirth, indigestion and constipation: a tea of the stems and leaves is said to cure colds and fever. The tea is drunk to "rid the body of undesirable things." A poultice is made from pounded leaves and is good for colds, swellings, and tuberculosis or as liniment for corns.

Serviceberry - The leaves are used as emetics to treat nausea, stomach problems, animal bites and skin irritations. It is also used in childbirth.

Snake root - Used to counter poison

Snakeweed - Snakeweed is used to heal cuts and bites. The plant is chewed and the pulp is placed on the bite of an ant, bee or wasp. Snakeweed medicine is given in childbirth. The ashes of this and other plants are rubbed on the forehead to cure a headache, nervousness or fever. The root is used to treat stomachache.

Tansy - Used for coughs

Three leaved sumac - Leaves are used medicinally to treat skin problems such as poison ivy, dermatitis or itching; stomach problems and are used in childbirth and as a contraceptive. A treatment for falling hair was made from the oil of the fruits. The berries were boiled and the oil that rose to the top of the pan (or in this case, horn bowl) was skimmed off and rubbed into the scalp.

Thyme - Used to calm wolves who were just excited by a terrifying event (IE, Traumatized)

Water mint - Used to cure bellyache

Yarrow - Used to get poison out of a wolf's system. It is used alone for fever and headaches. To relieve headaches caused by sore eyes, this plant is added to the fire and the smoke directed at the eyes. Yarrow is used for healing sores.

Yew (deathberries) ~ Of no medicinal value. The berries can easily kill a wolf (Typically, about six will kill an otherwise healthy soldier) if eaten and not expelled quickly enough

Yucca - is used in childbirth. The roots are soaked in water, the liquid strained and given to a woman having a long labor.

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PostSubject: Re: List of Medicinal herbs and plants (old)   Thu Aug 30, 2007 12:56 am

And pictures to go with them

Burdock Root -'S/Plant%20Web%20Images/BurdockRoot.2.jpg

Celandine -

Chamomile -

Chervil -

Chervil root - none

Cobwebs -

Colts foot -,%20Large%20Size.jpg

Comfrey -

Daisy leaves -

Dock leaves -

Fever few -

Goldenrod poultice -

Honey -

Juniper berries -

Lavender -

Marigold leaves -

Mouse bile - none

Nettle -,Trees&Fungi/Herbs/Nettle/Photos/nettle-003.JPG

Nightshade -

Patch of Garlic -,Trees&Fungi/Herbs/Garlic/Photos/Garlic-002.JPG

Poppy seeds -

Snake root -

Tansy -

Thyme -

Water mint -

Yarrow -

Yew (deathberries) -

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List of Medicinal herbs and plants (old)
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