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 Shared Setting - Beastiary

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PostSubject: Shared Setting - Beastiary   Thu Jul 03, 2008 5:31 am

Alright, now while we're building our nations and getting everything together, we need a repository for monsters. Once a monster is placed here it becomes the standard issue for that monster the entire setting over. Variations (sub-species) are welcome in all cases.

Despite the name, if you feel the need to describe your nations unique race(s) in depth, this is the place to do it. Obviously, certain species (normal animals, and humans) don't need a description.

And, its... you guessed it, template time. Template is not required here, but provided for your convenience.



General Description: (Appearence and Personality)

Size: (Average range of height/length)
Weight: (Average range of weight)

Intelligence: (Sentient, Animal, or otherwise)
Life-Span: (On Average)

Family: (Typical family size, and organisation, such as packs, herds, or solitary)

Active: (Awake during what time of day, or night)

Habitat: (The sort of envirionment/climate where they most often make their homes)

Diet: (Carnivore, Omnivore, Herbivore, etc. Also, specific preferred prey)

Combat: (How does this creature behave in a fight)

Abilities: (Abilities this creature possesses that are beyond the norm or worth noting)


Regions: (Which nations this creature lives in. Leave this blank aside from your own nation. Anyone that wants the creature in their homeland can have the region edited in later)

((Picture here, if any))
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Lothar Strongfist
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PostSubject: Re: Shared Setting - Beastiary   Sat Jul 05, 2008 1:23 am

Well, I geuss I'll get this started. I have several monstrous species that might be worth doing this for, but none that should effect storyline too greatly, so I'll just stick with the big one for my nation, the Ice Giants.

Name: Vraakier (Ice Giants)

General Description: Pure white skin and eyes, long blue or white hair, well built,

Size: 9-12 ft
Weight: 300-400 lbs

Intelligence: Sentient
Life-Span: same as human

Family: Clan Society

Active: day, at their best in stormy weather

Habitat: Frozan tundra, Mountians

Diet: Omnivore, commonly Mountian goats, ice drake is a favorite

Combat: Very aggrezive, commonly use hammers and axes. if possible they bombard their foes with boulders from a distance.

Abilities: Immune to cold, magical or otherwise. Elders can summon lesser snowstorms and cones of frost
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Lady Taalysin
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Canis Familiaris

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PostSubject: Re: Shared Setting - Beastiary   Sun Jul 06, 2008 8:50 pm

Well the large or possibly dangerous, “common” animals that shouldn’t need detailed descriptions consist of lions, griffons, snakes, coyotes, bison…

As said in my country description, Trillium is home to those of every race from every nation. But the original inhabitants were the elementals, dryads, and nymphs.

Name: Elementals

General Description: The elementals can take of the shape of their choice but their form is always built of whatever element they are. Normally they hide within their element.

Fire: Aggressive, short tempered, but when happy very playful. As with any type of fire, their moods are quick to change. While in a humanoid form, they usually appear as a attractive human female, who, when moving, dance as they go. They can control the amount of heat put off from their ‘body’, from the warmth of a lover’s touch when happy, to a blazing inferno when angered or threatened.

Water: Mischievous, loving to play pranks but powerful healers. More of the magic users of the element type, they appear as wizened sages, either male or female. The race they appear as is constantly shifting, just as a river is constantly flowing. They gladly help train new clerics and priests who show promise and drive towards those abilities. The power to heal is easily turned around as the water elementals know the corruption that has plagued waters around the world, and will use poisons as a means of dispatching threats.

Air: Shy and quiet for the most part, but get very loud when angered. When allowing themselves to be seen by mortals, their preferred form is that of an avian type humanoid, but completely transparent, as if made of a fog. If befriended, air elementals are generous with their gifts of travel by flight. But to anger one might earn you a flight with no safe landing.

Earth: Slow moving, and talking, as the earth has no need to be rushed. Earthen elementals look a lot like a golem construct. Their skin differs between elementals, making them the most diverse looking of the 4 major elemental types. They can look completely comprised of sand, to solid rock, to even comprised of diamonds. More the guardians of the land, any who invoke their wrath are quick to realize the err of under-estimating the speed of their attacks.

***Side Note*** There have been unconfirmed reports of elementals that are crosses of two types. Although unrecorded, the frequent reports and sightings have left the matter open for future investigation.

Size: Changes with their form
Weight: Changes with form

Intelligence: Sentient, far beyond average humanoid intelligence.
Life-Span: They do not get sick, they do not “age”, They only die if destroyed or if they simply choose to be done and meld themselves as one with the earth.

Family: 1-4 typically where you find one element, you can find more.. If they let you

Active: Being ancient creature, time has no meaning to them, the rest when they tire, staying up sometime weeks at a time.

Habitat: Around environments that hold their element. For example, water tend to be near the rive or the cliff side. Fire likes to stay near the small villages where it can dance in the fires and candle flames at night. Earth can be any where, as can air.

Diet: Omnivores
Fire: Sort of a vegetarian, preferring to eat dead plants. Its favorite it wood or bark.
Water: Likes fish, moss, seaweed
Air: Loves to be well hydrated, making them usually good friends with water. Doesn’t eat solids, just liquids.
Earth: What ever is wants, most preferring the same stone they are made of.

Combat: If able they will fight together, one of each element or at least two different ones. Very much team fighters when possible. Always very defensive, except for fire, who changes from offensive to defensive randomly in every fight.

Abilities: Fire and Water can shoot a cone of their respective element similar to dragon breath. Air can blast its foes with powerful winds of defferent temperatures. Earth can change the ground its foes stand upon into quick sand or tar or whatever it wants. Also, if they so choose, 2 or more elements can combine to make a powerful deadly elemental you would not want as your enemy. Can again separate. Example: Earth and wind = tonado, earth abd water = mudd, water and Air = Storm, fire and earth= magma and so on.
Also each elemental can control their respective element.

Regions: (Which nations this creature lives in. Leave this blank aside from your own nation. Anyone that wants the creature in their homeland can have the region edited in later)
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Dedicated Saga Member

Number of posts : 451
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PostSubject: Re: Shared Setting - Beastiary   Sun Jul 06, 2008 9:25 pm

Glad to see someone makinguse of this thread, yes Smile. I will probably be posting a few classic monsters in addition to some homebrew creatures that I use.


General Description: Shrouds are undead horrors composed of the amalgamated skin of many people. From a distance they appear as a person wearing a skin-toned hooded cloak or shroud. Closer inspection will reveal a writhing mass of undead flesh. When stalking or not attempting to blend in they writhe across the ground, rather than standing at full height.

Shrouds that grow large enough (Absorb enough skin) will split into two distinct Shrouds. A Shroud may also be created by a Necromancer, though they are considered difficult to control.

Size: Varies
Weight: Varies

Intelligence: Basic animal intelligence.
Life-Span: Effectively Immortal, they exist until destroyed.

Family: Shrouds are always Solitary creatures. Shrouds occasionally dwell with other undead creatures.

Active: Shrouds do not sleep, but do seem to prefer the dark.

Habitat: Shrouds have no native habitat, but most often dwell in dank sewers, abandoned buildings or other out of the way places with easy access to prey.

Diet: Carnivore, will eat anything living that it can. They will not attack other undead.

Combat: Shrouds are ambush predators, thy prefer to wait unseen (or camoflaged as a traveller at night) while sneaking towards their prey. At which point they will leap onto the and attmpt to strangle them within their skin folds. If they suceed in killing their prey they will slowly drag them back to a secluded spot. If caught in the open or attacked first a Shroud will always attempt to flee.

Abilities: A Shroud absorbs the skin directly from its victims, but cannot do this while they are alive. It leave muscles tissue and other organs completely untouched.


Regions: Kaghast
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The Ru
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Loyal Packmate

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PostSubject: Re: Shared Setting - Beastiary   Tue Sep 23, 2008 3:23 pm

Name: Muryans

General Description: They look like a hybrid between wolf, rabbit and cat. They walk and run on all four legs, but sometimes can stand on their hind legs. Their fur can range from being a single color, to being striped, spotted, or patchy.

They are sneaky creatures, and have proven to be very smart creatures, but also have shown themself to be very deadly. They have been known to understand any language written or verbal that they have been exposed to for a period of time, but unable to speak it.

Size: Average: 8 feet long and 5 feet tall

Weight: 243

Intelligence: Sentient

Life-Span: "The Wild ones": About 74 years. "The Tame ones": about 102 years.

Family: They travel in "Tribes" or packs that average about 20 Muryans, but can be as large as 40 Muryans.

Active: Mostly during the day, but can be active anytime

Habitat: They come from a large grassy plains that has destructive thunderstorms. Mostly it is warm and moist, and the grass is very thing and grows up to about 9 feet, making it a bit hard to see.

Diet: They are mostly carnivore, their prey mostly being large land birds and sometimes other living victims that get killed by them. They can become omnivores, which the "Tames ones" have proven.

Combat: The "Wild ones" have been known to hunt in packs- like a wolf. The "Tame ones" have been known to use sneaky, and quick attacks, when fighting. Both have been known to learn, so it varies.

Abilities: (Abilities this creature possesses that are beyond the norm or worth noting)


Regions: The creature mainly lives in Akinori

(The option of pets is open to any that wants one.

(Which nations this creature lives in. Leave this blank aside from your own nation. Anyone that wants the creature in their homeland can have the region edited in later)

((Picture here, if any))- picture to come.
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PostSubject: Re: Shared Setting - Beastiary   

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Shared Setting - Beastiary
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