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PostSubject: Instructables   Thu Jun 12, 2008 10:00 am

I have fallen in deep DIY love with this site. Here at Instructables, you will learn how to make a ton of amazing stuff. To get the most out of the site, I recommend signing up first. You can add your own instructables then, as well as, post comments and save your favorite projects for easy viewing access.

The categories are Art, Craft, Food, Home, Life, Not Liable, Ride and Tech. If you’re logged in, you will find them under Explore on the orange navigation strip near the top of the page.

Art – Here you will find instructions in many different forms of art. The art ranges from Origami to Theatrical Effects to 3D Effects, etc. I loved the instructions on how to make your own buttons, using seashells!

Craft – Here you will find even more general forms of crafts. Learn how to make a light saber, Tetris ice cubes, sharpen knives, resurface CDs and more.

Food – I’m always looking for how to options for cooking, so I dove right into this section. I found a great how to for mashed potatoes that I could have used a couple of years ago before much trial and error. But mostly, these are food related instructables. I also found a great instructable on making Thai-Iced Tea, which is my absolute favorite summertime drink.

Home – Here you will find all the home projects you could ever desire. >From making your own hammock, bookshelves, furniture, lamps, fold t-shirts, stripes for your lawn and more!

Life – This section is a bunch of miscellaneous things revolving around the topic of life. You’ll find great tips on how to close your chip bags, how to search for four leaf clovers and even how to get rid of a sunburn!

Not Liable – I don’t recommend this section. I didn’t see anything useful here and I almost wish it wasn't included on the site.

Ride – Here you really get into an inventor’s section. See instructables on bikes, hovercrafts, go-karts and more.

Tech – Here you will find the really technical stuff, like making an ice light bulb (very cool), battery chargers and even flashlights.

This site will keep you occupied with all its "how tos," that's a promise. There's a lot I can’t wait to try for myself. Check it out!

~ Amanda
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