The Snows of White Ridge continues an epic, as blessings, changes, and trials alike come to the newly-named White Ridge Pack, and their allies, the Swift River Clan.
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 Fires Babies

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PostSubject: Fires Babies   Mon Aug 20, 2007 1:24 pm

CHARACTER RANK: none(hopeful scout in time)
CHARACTER AGE: Pup (7 months, hopeful apprentice to the right wolf)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Swift River Pack
PHYSICAL: A multy hued coloring mix of browns and blacks across her back, head and legs all mingled together, her under belly is about the same only with more black in belly then browns. A rip in her right ear at the top that actually takes off the tip. A wound down her right side of her face that goes from under her right eye down to her nose. Her eyes are a muddy murky brown very dark brown hard to tell if where her pupil and iris are diffrent.
PERSONALITY: Falling Leaf will become a happy wolf. Always wanting others to be happy. She walks with petite grace. She doesn't remember her past and acts as if the past should be left in the grave from where it came. For now she is scared and alone and does not know her name or where she even came from.
HISTORY: Storm Crow was her father. And Singing Raven was her mother.
Storm Crow was a huge black male that had wandered many years and seemed to be past his prime when he met Singing Raven. Singing Raven was brown and tan. Singing Raven did not have a place to call home and started following him. Storm Crow died the summer after Singing Raven gave birth to their only child Falling Leaf. His death was due to old age. Singing Raven was set in a steady mind frame that someone was after them. She was crazed and decided to brave the mountain with her daughter. Falling Leaf did just that, she fell ever downward ripping her ear and gashing her face on the way down in the fall as well as looseing her memories. Noone knows what happened to Singing Raven or if she even still lives.

Name: Winters Aracnea (yes winters for short is fine)
Gender: Female
Age: 7 months, pup
Rank: Worrior
Personality: Shy and stand offish. She is quiet and seems a bit of a loner. She has never had a friend but longs to make a friend that will help her through her trouble past that she does not like to talk about. With age has come a grudge for her past and she does not like being around others except the pack executioner and her mentor.
Appearance: (For those who know what Snow Paw looked like.. well this could be her twin) Solid grey all the way from top to bottem except her
single right front paw which is snow white. Her eyes are blue. no scars as of yet.
History:Winters Aracnea was unlike many in the pack she had been born into. She was outcasted by many simply because even her color did not fit in to the mix of black's and whites that roamed the hillside. From birth she could not live up to what anyone seemed to want of her. Her parents where rankless and had breed withoyut the conscent of the alpha pair, another reason for her downfall. One day came when the Alpha male, Falling Star, took her into the woods beyond the hills and told her to go away and never return or she and her parents would die a horible death. She ran and ran away from there finding herself in unknown lands that did not smell like home. When she came to Tall Pines Pack area she killed her former Alpha Falling Star since he followed her to the lands and was going to kill her even tho she had left his lands.

Name: Red Doe (Adopted by firewaterair!)
Gender: Female
Age: 4 years old
Rank: Pupsitter
Personality: Disciplinarian, yet caring and loving towards her charges.
Appearance: Sleek, reddish-brown body with a dark brown back and top of tail. Black stripe on the side of her muzzle, with a white muzzle, belly, and bottom of tail. Yellow eyes.
History: Found as a pup by the eldest pupsitter Dull Eyes, she was apprenticed by her and took her place soon after. With Dull Eyes still alive, whenever she has time, Red Doe visits her surrogate mother, who is now an elder. She knows nothing of her past life, and intends to keep it that way. Is mates with FoxClaw altho they do not ever plan on having pups.
(Adopted/ therfore accepted)

CHARACTER RANK: none to be apprenticed to Shooting Star
CHARACTER AGE: 1 and 1/2 years
DESCRIPTION (Physical and personality):Mostly hues of Black and grey with an offwhite muzzle. Eyes are stern and pericing and yellow in
color. no identifying marks.
HISTORY (If any):His mother was bearley known to him. Bearly a scent with no name to match what he felt. His eyes where bearly open when his father came to claim him. Swaying Feather, his father, claimed he wanted to teach his only son the ways of the rogues so that he could fend for himself. The White Wolf pack claimed territory where his father roamed and killed him swiftly leaving Eclipsed Moon to fend for himself. Soon Eclipsed Moon smelled other wolves and grew lonely. He tried to stay just at the edge of their territory until one day he slipped into their hunting grounds and was found by Great Deer and Bright Bear and taken to meet the Alpha of the lands.

CHARACTER AGE: not born yet
DESCRIPTION (Physical and personality):Green Eyes,Shades of brown and tan mingled across her coat. Her maw is white tips of ears are white paws are white and her throat is white as well as the fur around her eyes.
HISTORY (If any): Her Parents are Coyote and SnowTail. Other then that
she has no History yet.

TLVP Adopted:
Great Deer/Bright Bear(temp. adopted until someone else wants to rp

her), Hunters- Mates, and they are some of the oldest members of the

pack, although they aren't that old. They were friends of the past

alphas, Strong Oak and White Birch, so are the closest thing the Light

Valley Pack has to elders. They act like the entire packs parents, and

treat every wolf like a son or daughter, especially Little Creek, the

youngest daughter of Strong Oak and White Birch.

(New to be approved)
DESCRIPTION (Physical and personality): Brown and grey with specs of
black. Eyes are yellow. He is friendly and sensitive to others. Alot of
times feeling their pain just as if it where his own.

HISTORY (If any):Dark Moon was nothing more then a rogue wolf. He couldn't remember who his parents even where or what thay even looked or smelt like. All he remembered was a dark shadow telling him to stay near that bush and wait for the right time. He stayed just at the edge of the borders. He knew the scents of the many wolves in the land but had managed to stay hidden for the last year sneaking into Black Moutain territory to grab small tidbits of food
such as rabbits and other small creatures. When the great fire came across the lands he watched as the many wolves and animals fled from the lands. Slowly he followed. He was unsure how long he could hang in he shadows with his wounds from the fire without bringing attintion to himself.
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Fires Babies
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