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 Welcome to After the Fall - Read This First!

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PostSubject: Welcome to After the Fall - Read This First!   Wed May 28, 2008 3:31 am

So, you're new to AtF but you aren't sure what to do or where to start. With this thread, I intend to make it easier to just jump right in, and to help avoid confusion.

Look back on this thread, I intend to edit it as often as necessary.

First things first.

What is After the Fall?

After the Fall is a Science-Fantasy Role-Play, set in the Gemini system, 2000 years after the universe suffered a cataclysmic disaster, that tore existence apart. Humanity has recovered in the Gemini system and thrived, though divided into several factions.

The Four Laws

After the Fall has a few strict laws that need to be followed to maintain the setting. On occasion, different laws may be broken, depending on whats going on, or if its built in the the setting. For explanations on how these laws work, or why they are in effect, see the Q&A and info section.

1. No faster-than-light travel. +
2. No Aliens (This includes fantasy races, no dragons, elves, etc). *
3. Though technically 'human' all characters must be anthros.
4. There are no other dimensions or planes of existence. *

Language Addendum: Only one language is spoken in the Gemini System.

+ Lost Tech ships may break this law
* Kotie has been given permission to break these laws... Just this one time. :p

Where do I start?

When joining, it is a good idea to see whats going on in the RP itself, so that you can work out how you will join in. Its also severely recomended you look through the factions list, so you can get a grasp on the sorts of organisations that live in the Gemini system.

If you have any questions on where to start, or need help building a character, I am always willing to help here. PM me, or ask me in the OOS thread or roll-call/character thread.

After you have a character design in mind, go to the Roll-Call and Character thread. There is a template there (which you are not required to use).

The Threads

A New Universe - Part 1
Main RP thread, archived. Chronicles the story of the Dogoda, its crew, and the Dogoda's allies. Started by Kotelinie. Now closed so Part 2 may begin.

A New Universe - Part 2
Main active RP thread. This is the one you should post in. A continuation of the story of the Dogoda and Defiant crews and their allies, in a new thread. Thread started by me, though a continuation of the thread begat by Kotie.

Report for Duty - A New Universe
A Role-Call for A New Universe - Part 2.

This Ship, Our Home
Secondary active RP. The stories of the crew of The Laughing Fox. A band of misfits, against an entire system. Limitied crew size, intended to encourage interaction. Started by me, though it is a shared project.

After the Fall
Now defunct RP thread. Do not post here, without noting me first. Started by me.

OOS discussion thread
Out of Story Thread. This is for any sort of conversation you might that doesn't fall as a question. Also, we're having a pizza party there for some reason.

Roll Call and Character Thread
This is where you go to notify you are joining the RP, and where you will post your character.

NPC Thread
This is the depository for Characters that are important, but are not themselves Player Characters. We use this so that it is easy to keep track of all the little people that might otherwise be hard to keep track of. Sidekicks, Ship AIs, and mentors can also go here, heh.

Casting Call - Character Exchange
A rather unused thread. If you're playing a character and feel like you no longer wish to play, you can place your character up for adoption here. You may also request ownership of an NPC through this thread, should that be your desire.

General Info and Q&A
This thead is a catch all information thread, you should give it a once over at least. Check back on this thread often. If you have any questions about the setting, you can post them here, and I will answer you.

This is where we put factions, the groups that hold sway in the Gemini system. At least give a look at the summary post at the very start.

Space Ship Info
Our depository of space ships. If you have a ship, or want to have a ship, looking through this thread. is required. Other vehicles can be placed here as well.

Of Dreams and Memories
This thread is Ru's for posting stories and writing in. It is requested that, unless you are RU, you not post in this thread.

Making New Threads

In the event that you want to Role-Play in this setting, but would rather not be with the Dogoda you may post a new thread, but you must PM me first, so we can work things out. Also, keep an eye out, I may post other Role-Plays in this setting if, there is interest.

-- Thread-Size Addendum

From this point on, whenever a thread reaches ten pages, it will be locked, and a 'Part 2' thread will be created in its place. This accounts only for actual RP threads, and not information and character threads. The reasons for this are to keep the size of threads managable. If there are objections to this policy for AtF, note me. If enough people oppose the idea, I'll change it. No fuss, no muss.

One Last Thing

If you have any questions you can reach me via email at, but I am usually on, so a PM should work. Although I am more than willing to answer any emails or PMs, try posting your questions in the OOS or Q&A Thread first.

Last Updated 12:31 PM, May 06, 2009.
- Thread-size addendum added.

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Welcome to After the Fall - Read This First!
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