The Snows of White Ridge continues an epic, as blessings, changes, and trials alike come to the newly-named White Ridge Pack, and their allies, the Swift River Clan.
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 Orca's Owls?

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Orca Owl
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PostSubject: Orca's Owls?   Mon May 26, 2008 7:27 pm

CHARACTER AGE: 2 years (15 in human years)
She is a grey colored wolf with a white belly, paws, and under-tail. She has a adolencent build and is very light, but very strong. On her left shoulder blade she has a cresent shaped marking that was said to have grown bigger as time went on. She has bright blue eyes and they get lighter when she is happy and a bit darker when she is feeling sad or angry.
She is a very happy wolf and enjoys to hunt and to play with other members of her pack. She tends to be as happy as a pup and often is a bit of a fool around others. She goes that extra yard to make sure to make others smile because of her lack in company in the past. Luna is young, but she is a powerful hunter. She has a strong determination and will always want to come back with prey for her pack. Luna is a bit frightened by those older then her and those in high power because of the ruthlessness of those in her old pack.
Luna came from a pack far North of the Light Valley Pack. She was often mistreated and would be left alone to do all of the hunting for the pack. The Alphas and Betas of the pack would strike her if she didn't bring back enough prey for the pack. Luna's only close friend was her mother; she was killed off by the cruel male Alpha of her old pack. When this happened Luna fled South for hope of safety. She went through pack after pack and was always abandoned because of her being so young and because she was so evasive of leaders. Luna eventually ended up in Light Pack territory and was brought in by the female Alpha of the pack, Shining Sun. Luna soon lost most of her fear of elders, and she became very hyper and pup-like.

CHARACTER AGE: 3 1/2 years (27 in human years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack
She is a light yellowish color with a white belly and under-tail. She also has a white circle around both of her green eyes. She has a strong adult-like soldier build. She has massive paws that strike with great accuratcy.
Bright Fang is a bit of a fighter. She likes to play fight and to engage those outside of the pack in actual battle. Bright Fang is a bit of a rebel at times and sometimes doesn't listen to her elders and leaders as she should. Bright Fang is a really powerful soldier and can normally knock anywolf out with a blow from one of her powerful paws. Bright Fang does have a soft spot though, she is a true romantic. If Bright Fang ever had a mate she would easily defend them with her life. She is very protective over pups aswell as young wolves.
Bright Fang came into the pack as a rouge. She lived with only her father to raise her to be the fighter she is today. She lived in an area that had barely any trees or prey, so she grew up with it rough. Her mom died soon after giving birth to her and because of mal-nutrition she was the only pup of the litter. When Bright Fang was able to catch her own food, her father left her. She stumbled onto the Black Mountain Pack's territory one day and was accepted into the ranks as a soldier.
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Orca's Owls?
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