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 lost sleeping

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PostSubject: lost sleeping   Tue Feb 26, 2008 2:03 pm

Somehow the threesome had made themselves a resting place while they tried to keep up they had fallen behind. Red Doe curled her tail around the wayward pup Falling Leaf. Winters stayed a few feet away and watched through slited eyes that made her look, for all other puposes, asleep as well.

Winters rearly slept anyway. She wondered where her most respected adopted father had disappeared to. Yet, she felt if she actualy asked his wear abouts, then this would show weakness, and to her no soldier should ever show weakness.

Falling Leaf cried and whimpered. "Momma", the blindness that continualy agitated her had bested her yet again. She knew one minute she had been near her mother and then the next moment washed over her and she had lost her way from her mother again only to be dragged along in the turmoil of wolves that passed her until she bumped into Red Doe while she was crying.
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PostSubject: Re: lost sleeping   Wed May 21, 2008 6:37 pm

WaterHawk hadn't lost sight of her pup long, but the migration of moving wolves had become too thick for her to make her way to Falling Leaf's side without hurting herself further... But she had notice Red Doe assisting the child, and hoped that she could trust in her to take care of her daughter until she could get to them, not recognising the female as a Black Mountain wolf.

Only once they had stopped could she find and reunite them again. Her injured back had forced her to the back of the moving group, along with Autumn and the rest of the injured who couldn't keep up with the faster and more able wolves... and who needed help from
But they had made it.

Limping in pain, as injuries had been aggravated during the journey, the Beta now could look for the red-brown wolf and Falling Leaf.
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lost sleeping
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