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 Casting Calls - Character Exchange

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PostSubject: Casting Calls - Character Exchange   Wed Feb 13, 2008 12:34 am

Alright, as I'm sure we're aware, we're building a nice list of NPCs up. I am not going to ask this list to be cut down or discourage anyone from making new ones (Quite the contrary, I want more, and encourage anyone who has created a secondary character to go ahead and post them).

However, I want to put up this thread for those that would like a character to be filled by someone else, rather than just being your run-of-the-mill NPC. Essentially, if a place needs to be filled, put out a call for someone to claim the basic character.

This does not include NPCs posted, unless specifically mentioned. If someone wishes to adopt or takeover an NPC as their own character they should post here as well.

Lastly, if anyone is done with their character completely, you may post here, asking someone to take over, or at least notify the character has entered 'NPC mode'

The cause of this thread is that there are two characters who will be important to the story upcoming, and I want to offer the chance for players to take their reins instead of making them NPCs.

Ok, if you want to have someone take a character heres the process:

Character: Character's Name or Role
Commitment: Minor, Major, etc.
Pre-Generated: Yes or No (Whether or not the character is already fully designed or not). If the character is fully pre-generated, post the character sheet below, instead of 'Specifics'

Specifics: Details about what is need particularly for the character.

Status Update - When and if the character has been adopted update us here.


You can simply put

Needed: and put down exactly what you need/want for another to put up in a character.


Okay, so anyway, the two characters...

Character: Department Admiral - Frederick Rommel
Commitment: Minor to Medium (Basic contact, at least)
Pre-Generated: Yes

Specifics: Character will be the Admiral of the Blood Horn Taskforce, and helm the ship the Nudum Cogito, a Department Battleship. Expected for the character is only a greeting with the Dogoda, via Mainscreen (And, the Defiant, most likely at the same time), and an escort. Any other specifics are up for grabs and the character may be abandoned the moment we reach our goal, if you desire (or you can keep him/bring him into the full storyline). Check the NPC thread for more information, as I was forced to play the character eventually.

Status Update - Character was not adopted, and was forced to be played, by me. Character as he currently exists is still up for adoption, though.


Second Character

Character: Mystery Character
Commitment: Medium to Major
Pre-Generated: No

Specifics: PM me, if honestly interested. Character will play counter to main group. May be discontinued or killed at a later date.

Status Update - Character has been adopted.


Alright, one last thing, if I get no takers by the time these characters become necesary, I will default them to NPC status, which is fine. I just want to notify that "important" characters are up for grabs.
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Casting Calls - Character Exchange
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