The Snows of White Ridge continues an epic, as blessings, changes, and trials alike come to the newly-named White Ridge Pack, and their allies, the Swift River Clan.
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 SilverWolphen's Underlings...

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PostSubject: SilverWolphen's Underlings...   Sat Aug 11, 2007 1:33 pm

Character name: Arctic Scar
Character age: 5 (35 human years)
Character sex: Male
Character rank: Scout
Character affiliation:The Swift River Clan
Character description... -_-" Arcitc's Ref pic I drew it.
My Drawing:
NoctureIAm's Drawing:
Personality: Arctic's personality is that he is rather calm and laid back. He is warm hearted and lost his ignorance.
Physical: Arctic is has the adverage wolf structure. (*) Over the years he has grown massive in size. His fur is completely white. His left eye is closed with a long scar over it. While the other open eye has a rather tired look.
Character history: Arctic Scar was born on a bitter cold mountain in a distant place far from the black mountains. Growing up on the snowy and freezing peeks of his home, Arctic Scar has developed a resistance to cold. It was a hard life Arctic because food were unplentiful. Packs fought and eventually seperated fighting each other for food or shelter. Arctic Scar recieved his name earlier because of the fear of saftey of their young when they speak with the mountain forest spirit. He recived the name Arctic Scar. The Mountain Forest Spirit always named the wolves be seeing their future. Arctic was a young and ignorant and Arctic thought that the scar would only be a small problem. One day Arctic went out alone thinking that he could bring home a prize for the pack. Traveling for a long time Arctic sees a mountain lion. Arctic thought that he could take the lion all be himself and went in to attack. He was wrong. The young Arctic Scar came back with a deep long scratch through his left eye and no prize. As he returns his pack is no more. The snow is covered with tracks of escape and some blood. With that he left mountains and headed for the land past the cold mountains. The lone one-eyed wolf traveled for many seasons surviving the many harshes of life and nature. Arctic is now a battle hardend soldier and hunter.

Character name: Grey Moon
Character Age: 2 (14 in human years)
Character Sex: Male
Character rank: Pup
Character affiliation: TSRC
Character description...
Personality: This energetic pup is very playful and cheerful. A bit like his brother, Sleep Eyes. He enjoys playing with anything that seem fun to him. (*) Even in his teens Grey Moon still keeps his playful personality, but he is starting to become more independent.
Physical: He has a structure of a young pup full of energy. He got his name because of his fur color thats is very similar to the color of the moon. (*) Now he has grown almost the size of a grown wolf. Keeping his moon grey color he is starting to develope some dark patches of fur.
History: Not much of a history yet since still a pup. The history so far... Born in the plains like his brother, Sleep Eyes. Since the plains has free open space he is bursting with energy. He and his brother left in search for adventure and a pack.

Character name: Sleep Eyes
Character age: 4 (28 in human years)
Character sex: Male
Character affiliation: Swift River Clan
Character description...
Physical: He has the adverage wolf structure. He has a grey colored coat and his eyes are squinted. (He can still see its just... squinty -_-")
Personality: Sleep Eyes is always cheerful, happy, nice, and very caring.
History: Born on some far away plains Sleep Eyes has the skill of hunting. Not much of a history besides that and eat, sleep, hunt, daydream, sleep, eat, chase, hunt, eat, sleep, etc. He cares deeply for his little brother Grey Moon.

Character Name: Black Stripe
Character Sex: Male
Character Rank: Scout
Character affiliation: Undecided Could just end up as a wanderer.
Character Age: 7 (49 human years)
Character Desc:...
Personality: He has a warm heart, but very strict and doesn't show it often. Has an accent from his distant homeland. And has sort of a gruff voice.
Physical: His fur is all grey with one black stripe from his forehead to the tip of his tail. He has more fur than the adverage wolf. Black Stripe is has a commander like stance. Plus he had a commanding warriors size. Massive lean and strong. His hair has been a bit shaggy and he likes it that way, also adding to the taste are the bits of old white hair starting to sprout from the ground.
History: Black Stripe was born in a pack west of the swift river clan. His mother and father were both very honorable soldiers. When Black Stripe was about 1 his parent started teach him how to fight and hunt. Years past and he must set out a start a new life of his own. In his old days he was a captain of a patrol and guard squad, since their pack was at war then.

OOC: Black Stripes accent is sort of british.

Gender: Male
Age: 5 (35)
Rank: Hunter (Soldier)
Personality: Scorch has a calm personality. Most of the time his is quick for a laugh, but at times needs he will be very serious. He cares for all, but sometimes desn't show it.
Description/Picture: He was the head warrior of his pack he was about 4. His fur looked like it was scorched black. The only contrast is his pure white eyes. He has a couple of scars on his face because of the many battles he had to fight in his own clan. Now he travels in search of a new pack.

More will be coming...
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SilverWolphen's Underlings...
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