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 Ezhno's Profiles

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PostSubject: Ezhno's Profiles   Fri Aug 10, 2007 9:07 am

Sorry for the long history bit, but it seems my imagination took off xP

Name: Ezhno.
Name meaning: He Walks Alone.
Rank: Wanderer.
Age: 3 1/2.
Gender: Male
Pack afflication: Exile from his birth pack.
Apperance: The first thing about this wolf that strike you is the gleaming eyes, they make a sharp contrast to the pure charcoal black fur of this canine. Another thing about him would be his scruffy almost sickly look, though he isn't thin and neither does he suffer any diesease at all.

It's just that his fur seem to scream for manitance, it's nearly always dirty, tangled, and messy looking. His proportions on other hand are those of an averange adult male wolf, though Ezhno is slightly smaller than fully grown male wolf. In apperance he is neither muscular but nor is he thin either, just the averange fit, and healthy young wolf.

Personality: Ezhno rarely smiles nor laughs unless he is being sarcastic. He doesn't feel any attachment to anyone, and isn't overly social, something that is strange for a wolf. He also may seem bitter, and rather dark. Which is in some cases true, this guy knows first hand that life, isn't a bed of flowers and sunny warmth.

But life is acctually cold anguish and hopless dispair. Under this dark exterior however, he has a more softer side to him which is rarely revealed. Virtually no one really knows this side of him; He is very much a thinker, and acctually rather calm and collected. Deep down he dispice conflicts, and he never seek them if they are unavoidable.

History: Ezhno was born on a full moon, into a small but thriveing pack. He had a childhood like every child should have. Filled with happiness, security, fun, and adventure, Ezhno was lucky to have all of this. But as most things in life it would never last, and the innocence of youth is the first to die. Ezhno experienced the cruelty life had to offer when he was an adolescent; A rogue wolf had trespassed into their pack's territory, in Ezhno's lands this was a penalty punishable by death. Ezhno had never questioned this rule, all he had been told was the savagry, and danger the pack-less/trespassing wolves posessed. And as a young pup he didn't really understand, but he knew didn't like those wolves the elder's stories.

It was this early spring however that would change his life, forever. Ezhno was stationed as a patrol along the borders of his pack's small territory. Personally Ezhno thought the patrol jobs where boring, he wanted to join the hunting party. That was where all action lay. Wandering completely in his own thoughts, Ezhno suddenly bumped into something. It was hard but still soft. This ofcourse threw him out of his thoughts and as he looked up, and what he saw before him dazed him for atleast one full minute. It was a snow white wolfess, he kept looking at her almost stareing.

Though as the wolfess spoke the black adolescent snapped back to reality, she seemed rather annoyed though having lost her meal. Almost out of impuls Ezhno apologized, he had completely forgotten that this rather beautiful she-wolf(at least from his point of view) was a pack-less wolf and a trespasser. The very creatures his elders had told him where savagerous murderers, sure this thought crossed Ezhno's mind. But he didn't want to believe such a fair being as the canine before him could be one of those.

From that moment forward patrol jobs had suddenly become Ezhno's favorit post, he did almost everything to get the job. After sometime the elders began to suspect that something could be amiss, Ezhno was acting strange and spending alot of time away from the pack. The sentry guards reported that they had seen him slip away early in the mornings, and heading off into the woods. 'Cause of this revelation, the elders decided that one of the sentry were to follow Ezhno, to see where he went and why.

The rapports the sentry gave, shock the enitre pack. A decition was made to teach Ezhno what happend to those who defiled the pack's laws, though Ezhno wouldn't be one to pay the price. One early morning, in the beginning of fall, Ezhno sneaked out of the pack's den, the same thing he had done for many months now. Only this morning he wasn't alone. Behind him trailed the pack's hunting party, lead by the alpha female; Ezhno's mother. The hunting party stayed down-wind, this way Ezhno couldn't smell them.

Ezhno approched the territorial borders, there he called a name; Enigma. The young wolf kept calling the name, and shortly after, out of the nearby thicket came a snow white wolfess. A couple of the males seemed quite astonished at the beauty of this wolf, the alpha female however tried to supress a growl. "Shall we move in?" asked one of the older females. "No, not yet.." whispered the alpha, "Feriz! Take a party of three and sneak around the two.." said the female alpha, not taking her eyes of the white she-wolf, that was now playing a game of tag with her son.

Fenriz, an old grey wolf gave a stern nod, and signal the tree wolves cloest to him and they went off into the thicket. After a couple of minutes the alpha utterd a growl under her breath; "Now!" With that command all the wolves burst out of their hiding places, and headed towards the couple. The sudden common took both Ezhno and Enigma completely off-guard. Enigma found herself pinned to the ground, and Ezhno got surrounded, by wolves he thought looked very familiar, they growled at him and he growled back. "You know this packs laws on trespassing.." a deep female voice said, this caused Ezhno's maw to drop agape.

It was his mother, "Yes.." Enigma answered with a strain in her voice she was clearly scared, the female alpha opend her mouth to speak but she cut off by Ezhno protest; "Mother, you don't dare hurt her!" the young black wolf growled, "Ezhno! Clearly love has clouded your preseptions. You know our laws.." said the alpha in a slightly disappointed voice, glancing back at her son. Ezhno was left speechless, the alpha closed her eyes and utterd a deep sigh; "Do, it!" said the female, the next that followed happend so fast that the only memory Ezhno has of it is shrounded is red.

A choaked scream sounded, as the wolves who had sorrounded Enigma, tore into her on the second the alpha sounded the command. Left paralyzed for a few seconds the screams of help and pain from Enigma seem to have kicked Ezhno back into his sense. "NO!!" the black wolf nearly roared, as he tore past the wolves that had surrounded him. And dashed towards Enigma, he managed to push away the attackers. But what lay before him, was a site he would never dream he would ever see.

Enigma was smeared with blood, most of her white pelt dyed red, and her breathing was faltering. The alpha stood firm, having no tention of interferance, nor making any signals for the others to do so. "Why!" the black wolf whispered in a choked voice as he felt both sorrow and anger build up in him. "Cause she is an abomination, a danger, a monster.." whispered the female, clearly Ezhno's pack have some twisted views, without a pack your worth less than the soil on the ground. Ezhno had his muzzle buried into the neck of Enigma, sobbing. But at the sound of his mothers voice, the black wolf snapped his eyes opend and looked up at the brown wolf before him.

The black wolf could feel rage boiling through him, nearly causeing him to shake. "She was no monster!" whispered Ezhno, the anger in his voice could clearly be heard. Most of the surrounding wolves frowned at him, or they utterd growls. The young wolf gave a glance around him, these wolves where his familiy. These murderers where of his blood, "She was not a monster.." murmured Ezhno, as he stood to his feet slightly shaking. "You Are!!" roared the angerd youngster and charged at his mother, fangs bared aiming at her throat.

But before he got close enough, the young wolf was knocked aside, and with a thud he crashed into the leaf litterd ground. Ezhno utterd a groan at slight pain in his side. Then a voice filled his head; "I had hoped I wouldn't have to do this.." said his mother. "I here-by exile you, Ezhno. You have two days to leave this place. Unless you want to face a fate worse than your little girl-friend.." with those words said, the alpha guided the rest of the pack back into the forest. And Ezhno got to his feet, with a frown he stumbled over to the broken body of Enigma. He gave her a gentle nuzzle.

One of the wolves halted as she was about of enter the woods, she gave a frowning gaze back at Ezhno. The black wolf looked up at her for a few minutes. The look of hatred could be read in his face; "Just leave!" the black wolf thought, and as if his thought was answered the lone wolf disappeard into the woods. Ezhno laid down beside Enigma gently resting his head on her neck. He was now the misunderstood monster of the children's tales.
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Ezhno's Profiles
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