The Snows of White Ridge continues an epic, as blessings, changes, and trials alike come to the newly-named White Ridge Pack, and their allies, the Swift River Clan.
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 Character Profiles-ZEROKI

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PostSubject: Character Profiles-ZEROKI   Thu Aug 09, 2007 10:14 pm

And here are Zeroki's Character Profiles! I'm posting this now when I have the time.

The Black Mountain Pack Characters!

CHARACTER AGE: 5 (35 in human years)

PACK AFFILIATION: Black Mountain Pack


PHYSICAL: Storm Raven is a lean wolfess with silver-grey fur, white toes, white tail tip, white ear tips, and a white marking on her muzzle.

PERSONALITY: Storm Raven has seemingly endless patience and very kind, and she doesn’t like fighting. But to protect what she believes she should, she would kill anyone who stood in her way. She also has a knack for seeing the better side of things and wolves, like her mate Cold Mountain. Storm Raven likes to believe that everybody deserves a second chance, although in reality, such is not always the case. And incidentally, she thought Cold Mountain was actually kinda cute when she first came to the pack. Now that they’re mates, she thinks he’s adorable. Very Happy She really wanted to get to know him, and so she did. She still holds her rank of huntress and does her best to do her job to the best of her ability.

HISTORY: Storm Raven was born into the Shadow Valley Pack, under the name Silver River. She had two brothers, Rising Moon and Falling Star. Her mother was what would be considered something of scout crossed with a soldier, and her father was the overall leader of the hunters. As a pup, Silver River could be often be found by finding her father, who taught her everything she knew about hunting. As a pup, Silver River was very shy, so shy that she became true friends with only one male, named Shadow Hawk and they both grew up together and he was like something of a third brother to her if anything.

As adults, Falling Star and Rising Moon left their birth pack and started their own packs, leaving the betas to the roles of alphas. Silver River often went back and forth between her brother’s packs when they first started, as hunters were always hard to find in the lands. In the center of Rising Moon’s territory was an old oak tree, which had stood there for as long as anyone could remember, even elder Shadow Eye remembered the tree always being there in the months before his death.

Silver River never really did care for ‘bad omens’ often, and chose to ignore them when she ventured into a lightning storm after a drought had drained the lands free of moisture, drying the plants, even on the old oak, often called The Tree of Life then.

Lightning struck the tree, and the fire spread using the dried plants as fuel. It spread quickly, and many wolves of both packs were trapped in the flames. Silver River however, being one of the quickest wolves in either pack, ran from the flames. As you can guess, Storm Raven has an extreme phobia of fire and has not yet told Cold Mountain of her said past.

After the burning of her packlands, Silver River wandered for about two years (she was three when the lands were destroyed) before she came upon The Black Mountain Pack. After joining, her name was changed to Storm Raven. Ironic, since there were ravens flying overhead during the lightning storm when her pack was destroyed. She joined and kept to herself for quite awhile but finally got to know a few of the other members before she met Cold Mountain, the unusually cold and seemingly bad tempered omega. The rest everybody already knows.

CHARACTER AGE: 7 (49 in human years)
PACK AFFILIATION: Black Mountain Pack


PHYSICAL: Saeros is a hulking, bulking, wolf with black fur, a brown mask that covers his eyes and goes between his ears. He has a brown ‘saddle’ mark that starts at his shoulders and goes halfway down to his tail. His front paws are black, while his back paws are dark brown. His has fierce forest green eyes that are constantly glaring. Saeros doesn’t really know that he glares at people, he just does. He is also missing a chunk out of his right ear, although half the time I never draw it in anyways.

PERSONALITY: Saeros is very to say the least, angry. He is angry 24/7 and it’s hard to simply approach him. He growls wolves away. While he may appear to have to be very patient, half the time he’s not listening unless it’s something important. Saeros is also very touchy about the subject of his scars. If anybody asks, he’s biting them in less than two seconds flat. He’s touchy and angry, but he has a dutiful manner and puts his job before anything else which is what makes him a damn good soldier.

HISTORY: Saeros' profile picture on Saeros' Picture and Profile On Deviantart

CHARACTER AGE: 3 (21 in human years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack


PHYSICAL: Playing Robin grew up and his name changed to Night Owl, after the routine dreaming of most Black Mountain wolves. He gained the rank of soldier very close to the war with Swift River though has yet to fight. His fur is pure black, and on the left side of his body are large white marks, reaching all the way from his ears to halfway down his tail. He has bright orange eyes.

PERSONALITY: Night Owl is usually a pretty friendly wolf, though he's had a tough past and his life in Black Mountain wasn't much of a picnic, he's pretty resilient. He lives his life following his heart, thinking nothing but of the things that he should do, instead things he wants to do. Usually, he lives his life day by day, but with war looming over their heads, that will change.

HISTORY: Playing Robin was about eight months old when the fire struck Rising Moon’s and Fallen Star’s lands. Since his parents had chosen to go with Rising Moon, the fire was closer to them. Playing Robin ran into a hole dug and abandoned by an old fox as the fire spread and burned the lands to a crisp. When he was sure that the fire was over, he emerged finding the burned bodies of his brother, sister, and parents. Determining that there was no one else around, he left. Playing Robin quietly followed Silver River in her wandering, though she had no knowledge of this. After Silver River joined The Black Mountain Pack and the ebon pup had had a chance to observe life there, he joined as well.

Because of her going back and forth between Rising Moon and Fallen Star’ packs, Storm Raven recognized Playing Robin almost instantly. She took him in as something close to a son or younger brother.

At one year of age, the soldier Saeros took Playing Robin and began teaching him the basics of fighting. Other techniques, Saeros would leave to the Delta Cold Mountain. Playing Robin was a good student and even after his Dreaming, Playing Robin became Night Owl, he remained loyal to his training as a soldier and up to this point, has never missed a session and will not unless something is seriously, seriously wrong.

[Shadow Hawk had been removed because I have not played him in a very long time and will no longer play him.]

CHARACTER NAME: Silver Feather
CHARACTER RANK: Pup (Future Rank: Undecided)
CHARACTER AGE: 6 months canine years (I needed to change her age for a specific reason)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack


Silver Feather is mostly black in color, with a large white marking that stretches over her neck, towards all four of legs, and even covers the top of her head. She has orange tipped ears, three small orange markings on the edges of her face, an orange tipped tail, rings of orange around each of her 'ankles'. And finally, Silver Feather has golden eyes.

PERSONALITY: Silver Feather is not the loudest pup in history, but she is quite possibly the sweetest in TBMP. She is very understanding, forgiving, and has such a large heart. She often keeps an open mind, trying to think both in and outside the box and through other's perspectives, even if they were rivals.

HISTORY: Silver Feather's mother and father belonged to a pack, Heaven's Glade. Things were usually peaceful, and most of the wolves in the pack got along fairly well under the alpha's watchful eyes.

Unfortunely, Golden Moon, alphess of the pack had grown up beside Silver Feather's mother, and knew she was not always right in the head. She knew she loved her sons and daughters, but it was for the safety of the pups that she take them to different packs. Golden Moon knew that while Silver Feather's mother was nearby, that her mother would still consider her blood daughter to grow up with her and she would still be at risk.

Golden Moon took absence of about a month so as to take the pups away. Her mate, Slade thought that it may have been too harsh and that they should just banish the mother. Golden Moon disagreed and stood her ground. Slade simply had no choice but to crumble to her immense willpower. So she left Silver Feather on the borders of the Black Mountain Pack.

After she was found by the healer Stone Fur, she was adopted by the elderly healer Broken Light and her mate, Fire Wind. Silver Feather has already grown very close to both of them and it will be a harsh blow to her when they pass onto The Mountain In The Sky.

CHARACTER NAME: White Feather (She's been idle for awhile. I'll bring her back later. Or she'll just disappear like Shadow Hawk)
CHARACTER RANK: (or requested one) Huntress
PACK AFFILIATION: The Black Mountain Pack


PHYSICAL: White Feather, contrary to her name, is pure, unmmarked black in color. Eyes are a very light blue, and could easily be mistaken for silver. Body-wise, White Feather is well built, but by no means enough to be a soldier. She is speedy and has a very high endurance. Would be either a good hunter or flier.

PERSONALITY: White Feather is kind, and rather outgoing though at times, can be kind of shy. She isn't naive about the world, and it shows when she gets into a very philisopical discussion with any member of the pack. She may have just become an adult, but life with her wandering family taught her all she knows. And sometimes, though she doesn't mean to, she can seem pessimistic or even cynical with her opinions.


The Swift River Clan Characters!

CHARACTER AGE: 5 (35 in canine years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Swift River Pack


PHYSICAL: Autumn has brown fur with a black ‘saddle’ mark from his shoulders to where his back and tail meet. Half of his tail is black and he has black ‘eyebrow’ marking right over his eyes. His legs are white from his elbows down and his back legs are from the front down to halfway between his foot and ankle. He also has a white stripe that extends over the front of his muzzle, down his throat and stops at his chest. It goes up to about the height of his ‘eyebrow’ markings, between his eyes. Autumn has green eyes.

PERSONALITY: Autumn is a kind wolf, and understanding of others if they have good reason. Unlike many betas, he’s actually pretty laid back when he’s not on duty. But every wolf has a dark side, and Autumn is no exception to this. He has a horrible hairtrigger temper when someone rubs him the wrong way. His temper is fierce, and he won’t hesitate to take a few chunks of fur or a piece of ear if he sees it fit.

HISTORY: Autumn's father ShadowEye, while he was a pack wolf, couldn't stand staying in one place for a long time before he began to get restless. The alpha of the Shadow Valley Pack allowed him to come and go as he wished, not really minding much in the least. Shadow Eye would leave and wander. Well, he wandered northward to what today would be the border of Canada, where he met a wandering wolfess, White Bark. Shadow Eye couldn't help but to fall in love. Every summer, when the weather conditions were favorable for traveling long distances, Shadow Eye would venture northward to find White Bark. After two years of doing this, White Bark came southward and stayed with Shadow Eye.

Autumn was born into the Shadow Valley Pack, and he witnessed the splitting of Fallen Star and Rising Moon. When the Tree of Life was set afire, both Autumn and White Bark ran. ShadowEye however, was caught in the flames and burned. Autumn came to the Swift River Pack, falling in love with WaterHawk, the alpha MudClaw's and Cattail's daughter.

CHARACTER NAME: Red Moon (formerly Raze/Sin)
CHARACTER AGE: 2.5 years (about 17 canine years)
PACK AFFILIATION: The Swift River Clan

Red Moon's Picture on DA *This needs to be updated, as I changed his appearence

PHYSICAL: Red Moon is still young, but he has grown strong. He has black fur, with golden markings around his eyes (*NOTE: Only the marking around his eyes have been kept.) He has grey toes and burning red eyes.

PERSONALITY: Red Moon is usually a very detached wolf except when it comes to a certain adopted daughter of Autumn. New Dawn is the only wolfess he's ever seemed to have fallen in love with and only she can melt his frozen heart.

HISTORY (If any): (I will write this when I have MORE time.)
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Character Profiles-ZEROKI
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