The Snows of White Ridge continues an epic, as blessings, changes, and trials alike come to the newly-named White Ridge Pack, and their allies, the Swift River Clan.
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The White Ridge Saga

The White Ridge Saga - Registration Agreement Terms

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Welcome, dear friends, to the Black Mountain Saga! The pack alphas extend our gratitude that you've chosen to visit with us. Before we can get down to having fun and getting to know one another, it is important that a few rules be established. These are subject to change as it becomes necessary. The penalties for disregarding all of them are the same, but will become more or less severe depending on the rule and severity of the offense.

Offense #1- Warning, possible loss of some privilages.
Offense#2- Temporary banning, length of time to be determined be the pack alphas based on severity of offense and offender history
Offense #3- Third strike. You are out. Results in permanent banning.

1. No flaming: I list this as the first rule because it is the rule that can make or break a community, and it is often ignored. There is nothing worse than to visit a forum, only to see its members arguing and insulting one another. Disagreement is fine. Debate is fine. But please, keep it intelligent, and do not result to hurling personal insults.

Flaming definition: Intentionally hurtful comments made by any user about another's beliefs, opinions, thoughts, lives, personalities.

2. The Black Mountain Saga is a TROLL-FREE board. If you're planning on joining this community just to make trouble, to flame any members or staff, or the board itself, you'd better think twice. Trolls and those suspected of being trolls will have their comments deleted and will be banned immediately and without warning.

If you feel you've been banned wrongly, however, feel free to send a message to Firestorm at However, be warned that if you write only to flame, you will be placed on the spam list and ignored. Choose your words carefully.

3. Abundant profanity will not be tollerated on any part of this forum. Some words will be banned altogether as it becomes necessary. If you have questions about a word, feel free to send a private message to one of the alphas. However, generally you should follow this rule of thumb: If it is doubtful, don't.

4. Please Roleplay only on the specified forums. This is just to keep the board neat and to keep the RP organized. It's an easy rule to follow.

5. Graphic material will not be tollerated on any forum. This includes posts which contain graphic violence, extreme vulgarity, and sexually explicit material. (POSSIBLE EXCEPTION: If I or any other admin figures out a way to create a password-protected Mature RP forum, this rule will not be as strictly enforced there)

6. No Art theft/plagiarism: All art/writings posted in the Legends' Den forum are copyrighted to their author/artist. Art theft is not just a no-no on this board, it is a crime. If you would like to use artwork or any part/subject thereof, contact the artist/author.

7. No god-moding on the RP forums! This subtracts from the fun of the RP for everyone, including the offender. This also means do not control the actions of other people's characters. This has been one of my pet peeves on RP boards in the past.

8. No elitist RPers! Keep your wording simple enough that everyone posting can understand it. There will be no audits or radars or any of that stupid crap for ears etc etc. Use words like 'the','a', and 'an'. I will give this final warning. I will NOT tolerate anyone trying to be an elite RPer. Doing so will result in the lowering of the penalties mentioned above.

9. Handle any problems you have with members of this board PRIVATELY. Use: Email, IM (if available), or the Freeforums Private Messaging System to work problems out. In extreme cases, contact one of the alphas and we will handle it.

10. Advertising should be kept to its designated forum.

11. No soliciting (the offering of goods and services) will be permitted. Links to those which have such ads on them may also be prohibited at the discression of a moderator or administrator.

12. I know it may seem impossible after all the above rules, but I must insist you follow this rule above all else: HAVE FUN! HAVE FUN! HAVE FUN!